Trip to the Park (day 1537)

My windows slidescape at a furious pace
As little sentinels wave from overlooked nooks.
I’m a road warrior when the times get hard
But this is summer now, and these long backs
And bikini tracks are keeping me easy
With two shades of cool running down the side of
A sweating growler called picnic in the park.
I’m laying naked in her presence,
She’s entangling my mind as her long legs
Reach straight up at mine.
We biked here because our history depends on it,
So tempered with that, we find it irresistible
To not heed the folly in pushing sweet Gaia away,
Which, to those of us who mind the traffic,
Becomes about as obsolete as this empty bottle of summer.

Graceful Gestures (day 735)

Without gratification
What is effort
Want not what’s inside thou?
That reaches up and loves
Out from wings
Across flexed shoulders
High fleeting arches

And swooping
In graceful gestures
A ballet in space
Through my mind
About this land
Carrying delight
Future’s happy ending

And if laughter
Hits upon our open ears
Crawling out
From behind buttercups
Hiding away beyond
Sharp morning frost
We shall also reach
Extension of vertex
Temples of power
Strength in mind

Then so it shall be
Shared, you and me
An old oak tree
Wings about thee
A picnic
Of thoughts
Of exceptions
Of projections
Of imaginations

Riga - 201209 (39 of 605)

Disappointed Consequences (day 661)

You see, this romance was impossible
Your disappointed heart and its wings
Never dropped off for a visit
Bonded efforts with another mind
Aligned with another motion

Intentions tricked consequences
Answers: full of lies
Convenience was never easy
Until the day you took flight
Sailing with eagles and wooden paddles

How careless of me to not feel this
To not listen to the words spread out
Motionless in the sea of thought
Dormant as space flicked between us
And eyes gathered around little baskets

Did you feel it?
I’ve walked without sandals before
The path worn so
Let’s not play make believe
Gather the picnic, we’re heading home

Settling Sun (day 546)

I lifted the covers and stared down below
A dream opened up, clearly it glowed
Gothic topped houses with friendly animals
Hovering around the edges of the kept lawn
A sincerely perfected landscape

Clouds morphing in the winds
In which beautiful animals blossomed
Spread out, before my eyes
As I peered under the covers
Amazed at what I did see

I thought for a while
At the glory that did be
Who brought on the sunshine
Who let in the rain and
Just like that it dawned upon me

I built up a fortress underneath where I sleep
Sentinels awaiting orders and messengers at my call
A kingdom opened up in front as I gazed
Then I smiled to myself as I looked to my left
It was a beautiful maiden, a lover just for me!

Unpacking our picnic amongst the friendly little trees
We sat right down on checkered covered cloth
Wine un-corked, not spilling a drop
Laid back we were in pure summers bliss
As the sun settled down we drifted to sleep