Fast Cars and Pointy Toes (day 305)

Rummaging through last nights painted fingers
I find an old story I had forgotten to tell
The bent pages tell me I’ve worn it well
The frayed ends say too long

With one single strand of hair hanging down
Flirting with the edges of a smile
And too many dance classes have given
Sexy posture to that romantic back

The light it sits turned down low
Casting devious glances around the room
Slowly flirting with purposeful hands
Roaming over tightly ironed pant legs

Smoke lingers in the air from a burnt candle
Matching the smooth frequencies roaming
About the room like the ladies in sheer dresses
Their fragrances waft into my domain

Slowly brushed aside with a smile
Mischievous smile and a sideways glance
The whiskey pulsing through my veins
Tonight is a game of fast cars and pointy toes