Crippling Romance With Stars (day 856)

I can see the stars when I close my eyes
Time flickers back to a time in space
Where long grass tickled cold toes and exposed shins
Walking lackadaisically over uneven ground
Arm in arm, enjoying the moment fully
Fuzzy groups of dancing nymphs
Flirting with mavens of the night
Desire spreading thick
Anticipating cool morning fog
Loud vibrations floating through nights air..

I can smell the essence there that night
Palpable reckoning, subtle beckoning
Tentative but raw passion driving

It wasn’t infused delusion crippling my senses
It was more romantic than that

Loud and Free (day 557)

Uncommon destruction
That brutalizes my soul
Cool liquid drops of sex
Pour through my brain
Featuring madness

Lavishly endearing
Blatant and
Devilishly sinful

And I bow
I bow to the lover that stays awake all night
And the devious young man behind closed doors
Sipping down 25 year old stock

I grow from deep within
Boisterously gathering a new level
Stirring up the saints in the courtyard
Slipping into a deceitful dance
Mesmerizing the nymphs

And I dance of faith
Counting on the anger to shout out my soul
Waking up the ghosts in the courtyard
Slowly. With a devilish grin
Anticipation crawls up the back of my neck

Eruption lets the gods know
Loud and free, they hear this call
They hear me curse at the moon
With the cackling birds of pray
That lay with me in lust

Deep Dark Mystery (day 467)

I plunge headlong into unrelenting waters below
Unafraid of heartbreak and turmoil they lead me to
For on this path, I am unaware of else that calls
It is I who seeks divinity

But I who seeks is not so vain
To ignore love from other souls
Embrace it well, and share the same
I cry out loud to enjoy the hard rain

Further out breakers roll off moons shiny path
Tempting eyes to dance amongst nymphs
Who carry candles as they weave their way through the conscience
It is this that controls freedom of thought

And I upon this ground so solid
Feel further into the future
Letting go the knotted, slimy tether
Holding together what the sworn remember

Flower Nymphs (day 406)

Laying alone amongst the flowers
Is the only company I should need
Bees flower my conscience with honey
So thick it should root my evil
In unfounded depth of a mothers milk
Meanwhile, dumbfounded maidens
Frolic carelessly in the garden at night
Trying to escape the eye of delight
If anyone catches them they’ll let out a yelp
Like the nymphs of the wooded lands
The maidens of the garden who look about in fright
Carry me into dreams I’ve dreamt once before
Follow me into depths as I’ve crawled through the door
For now I shall rest here then
Amongst the poppies, buttercups, and paintbrushes: zen
Then I will fall away, lost in a cause
Then I shall dream again
For tomorrow always comes again