Flip (day 942)

…and these beautiful tenses that flip then and now,
That close over my eyes and filter my dreams
Into little open-lid unmarked boxes
Arranged like a Braque exploration in cubism

These tenses float through thought, itching these dark corners
And flickering little sparks about.
Sensorial-wisps tingle my toes
And I close my fists a little tighter around patched memories

For brief moments then
As I stand alert, awake, and open
A vortex envelopes myself until that split second
Where I no longer have choice but instinct

…and I flip out, eyes fluttering
Glowing like a radiant being whose reached ecstasy
Who has just downloaded boundless formations
With Nag Champa floating and settling around

Emotional Eyes (day 846)

Shifting deep within
Subtle contradiction between then and now
Tugging at my sleeve
Asking to align settings

Fresh; fancy free
Walks beside me, whispering in my ear
Nuzzling my lobes like a lost lover
Encouraging my engagement, my desires

On a whole other level
Desire meets dreaming
Mystery walks on into horizons
Free of all maps forced to lines

Divinity lowers its lotus petal
A launching pad towards the source
Talking with emotional eyes
Love filled with pure energy