Pen Blotches (day 1575)

I cannot grasp what it will mean to send you off again,
What it will mean to let you go;
Finger tips to finger tips and not looking back
And hearing the roar of big jet planes
Overcome my trembling heart
That fleeting moments have left disoriented,
Direction home now jumbled and unrecognizable
Like the clouds you’ll soon be looking down upon.
I cannot find solace in a text to voice ratio,
In a line to line heartbeat filled of stories from afar.
But I will write until my pen blotches all my
Blank pages sad, and leaves my exclamation marks
Simple puddles in a mess.
So come back soon,
Before my heart begins to beat too soft a vibration,
And my pen runs out of black.

Pen Blotches by Ned Tobin

Count Fluffle-Waggle (day 666)

Ahem. Monsieur
Monsieur of the long yarn
I see you’ve begot such a mess
Such a wrinkle of deposition
Allow my services
My long legged friend
I’ll just pat here a bit
And pull on this such a while
This also needs tugging
Are you there?
Hello Monsieur, well…
It appears we’ve gathered quite a dilemma
You and I
You see
We’ve become entangled in a buggle
Quite the situation with yarn
With this playfully soft bundle
As it’s happened to become now
…shall we call for some help then?

aCatCount Fluffle-Waggle can be purchased here.