Tears Over A Sickle Bar (day 3218)

I tried to love you
With your broken ways
Spent the hours
Repairing your fractures
And took the time
To slow down
Listening to your hum
As you rocked back and forth
In the long sun
Struggling away
At cutting
Grass into hay.
But your fractures
Broke into cracks
And left me lurching
Struggling away
Too many times
To keep heart strong
Determined to make it work.

Back and Forth (day 446)

So then as I glazed over my gritty resolutions to reek no more mayhem
The adolescent monster inside of my thickening skull began to itch
Screaming out louder as the ticks on the wall began to lurch forward
I could not resist the urge to plunge in head over heels like a bat outa hell
Flying with rage I ran with all my strength, hands flailing in the air
Through all the cobwebs and lashing out at the unseen ghost
Darkness had begun to surround me, increasing the hysteria
And all too soon I was flickering, dazed in a pool of disturbia
Like a lone lightbulb hanging from an empty room swinging back and forth

Back and forth. Back and forth.

I tumbled dryly in a heap of exhaustion
Not quite sure what had just come to pass
The sweat on the back of my neck told me it was good
But the throbbing in my hands told me that tomorrow would hurt like hell
I could hear the slow drip from some unknown source in the other corner
It’s labored breath hinted that I wasn’t alone in destruction
My eyes failed to focus on the distance, spinning as they were
All I could do was sit there, head against the cold brick wall
Hands by my side slowly fingering the cold stones I sat upon

Back and forth. Back and forth.