Chiang Mai Run (day 2464)

Here I was, settled Chiang Mai
Moat circles and rotee midnights
Two wheels of 4 speed steel
And Seven Pounds for a beer
As Chang takes the stage
For a little place of my heart
As we burn one down.

Nakinee and who we are
Wat Umong steps to sacred earth
For who we are is who we are
We state our place and live our earth
Unending ouroboros in rebirth
Mounting Wat Pha Lat daybreak hike
Take my hand and let the sun
Mae Sa waterfall forever run

Whenever time ceases to tock
Left turn down a dusty road
Find ol’ Tanin Market stalls
Warorot for new shoes
And by nightfall make sure to be
At the sauna for a steam
For if you do the walking street
You’ll run right out of things to buy
Coconut and metal chang
Iron bell and another tee.

And in the morn you’ll know I’ll be
At Jikko for an espresso pulled
Through Akha Ama finely ground
Strumming out a song I know
With some friends who sing along
Starting off the day with fun
Khao Pad J for a quick lunch
Thus a day begins again.

Beat (day 2457)

Sometimes I forget the beat;
Lost souls that took my heart;
Forgetting to write the due date,
I reset my passwords
And upset my stomach
Into a lunch box at breakfast.
I was at the riverside
Listening to bagpipes roll
Like blood letting drilled into my head,
Little splashes kept overwhelming
The lunch I had planned
And my new shoes now soiled.
It’s not that I lose the time,
I keep that in my head
Like Lou Reed holds a note,
It’s that full time
Seems to expand vertically
Nearly catching all of these stars
With a beat I’ve never heard.

Silently Quiet (day 714)

It’s quiet in here
If you’re ignoring the voices
Screaming back at me
Inside my head

I can hear the dull tones
From the black box next to me
Spinning around methodically
While I go about my work

Wind blows through trees
Shimmering with a gentle sway
But that’s outside
Beyond the confines of a window

Entrapped, the house is still
Drooping plants are silently
Calling out to me
For just a splash more of water

My typing makes noises
But that sound dies
When I take moments to think
Jumping deeper inside my head

Paintings hang with memories
Time faded memories
But the image: unwaveringly visible
Clearly pulls on my thoughts

Fruits in the silver bowl
Work hardest at these times
Heat of day and sunlight curing
Hardness and tart green

The refrigerator will kick on
Every now and then
To remind me of lunch to come
Scraps of what is now left over

While I wait here
Looking at my reflection
Silently shining back at me
Curious smeared everywhere