Two Birds and a Beating Heart (day 719)

I haven’t slept since we parted
Open ended and unfinished
Sing songs of little birds call out
Leaving my thoughts rolling in empty sheets
Sheets of the same smell I left
On the pillows of your boudoir afar
But as I silently feel my heartbeat
Pushing numb feelings about the room
I whisper my mantra without hesitation
Embracing the morning sun as it warms my soul
While I stretch my limbs
Opening up my heart for another day

Fallen Stars and Broken Limbs (day 382)

All the angels walk away
Leaving the heroes to pick up the pieces
Fallen stars and broken limbs
The world still spins upon its axis

Beautiful rhythm must also begin to end
It must roll its time and feel its caesura
The land my roar its silent beauty
The trees must hold forever their introspective gaze

And forever this girl with wings
Shall remember what deeds she has done
With fallen stars and broken limbs
Interfering on her plane ride home