Aside (day 832)

Things I’ve left behind
Oh, things I’ve left aside
I’ve walked along the road
And down, down, down the ol’ block
Hands hidden deep
Beneath layers upon layers

Oh why did I sleep
Why did I take that lonely step
These times as they’ve left behind
Oh things I’ve left behind
Drag on the changes of my mind

Where does it go
Tell me, where does it all go
When I’m occupied
Searching for changes, aside
Oh, the things I’ve left behind
Why did I stop, time on my mind
Stumbling down this block

This Time Was To Come (day 703)

I feel a cry, deep beneath layers of cautious steps
One that reaches the far edges of this kingdom
From the cold North where land thaws and turns green
To the tropical South and it’s large brightly feathered birds

It’s challenging, this feeling within
It signals growth, time of change
Pushing my knowledge beyond what I feel
Into real struggles; present ordeals

I did not know this day was to come
This formidable passage of now into future
That grabs at my dreams and eats at my heart
I did not know that this time would come

Snowboarder (day 584)

Wind swept pillows molded by a scimitar
Catch a winter surfer eye as if shining like a star
Who, in all his layers, bundled for the fun
Sways this way and that, then carves on away
Bending at the knees, turning from his hips
Launching off cliffs, he soars through the air
A smile cheek to cheek, a scarf warming that
Snow flying everywhere; the markings of a trail
This tells all of a snowboarder’s decent

Simply In Vain (day 350)

How much has been said about what we do find
Deep beneath the solid layers of pine
We rake and we groom, shovel and we dig
Perhaps it’s all in the shape of our rig
The ending is the beginning is the same in the rain
The trollys will continue, in circles hardly vain
Then here, with the lot of it, we sit and we pout
Trying to figure out the riddles of our gout
Even with the long lines, and bustling desires
Have we ever found a whistle blown not by a squire?
So then we do perfect that which we’ve had all along
The deepest and darkest and lightest of songs
It’s one and the the same
Simply in vain

There’s Blood Running Down (day 202)

The blood running down
The goosebumps: they fill the only void between space and all time
Lost in the backlash of over indulging
Slept on the wrong side again
Fuck, it’s the same in the end

The blood running down
The last breath holding the starlight deep beneath layers
Forever mourning the weakened desire
Forgotten by the squires
Prophesying all that doesn’t. Really. Matter.

The blood running down
The spreadsheets turning circles on masters and wizards
Poisoning the spells with lurches and makeshift cosmopolitans
Dressed up to please the ever indulging normality
Spiced with dreams of circle jerks

The blood running down
The only occasion left on this moonlit sonata passed these steps long ago
Streaking stains hid by the scared bits of light creeping in closer
But I’ve lost hope of these clever bits
My eyes grow weary, zip goes the bag

And there’s blood running down

Transfixed (day 166)

Transfixed into your eyes like the splintery jagged edge of a fresh cut
Frizzy hair strokes sideways glances, advances, left alone
And a smell, oh sweet music left a stain upon my passion
Passion muted and muffled for so very long
The darkness recedes like the passing of time
Slowly your quirky edges unfold, small nets grow old
Gold filters through the leaky nets onto fresh cuts
Battling the wounds, panic recedes like the passing of time
Layers upon layers of bridled glory filling
Searching hands which seek to prophesize
Will the night sky into the day
Carry your rainbows, remember the sky

***** Looking back I realized I had left some holes in my numbering, I am seeking to fix that now.