The Arms of Peace (day 516)

I play with things
And I touch all kinds of stuff
But when it comes right down to it
I’ve lost it
I’ve shat out marbles
Pissed warm vinegar

On the other side of the clouds
As mountains have swarmed into creeks
Into glorious rivers with intermittent lakes
Cuddling the flat lands and
Sipping tea amongst the rocky peaks

I saw a sign
My eyes opened
My breath became easy
As I cleared my voice
To bellow out a glorious song
Marrying bliss
With jubilance

And with a smile
I stepped lightly forward
Into the arms of peace

Soiled Sheets (day 511)

I stole your dreams last night
Midnight robbery without a tip
I rode the pony down to its knees
Dreaded the walk through the rain
I pounded the earth with bloody hands
Leaving behind my conscience
Sucked dry of all sense
Did you plow the field before you reaped the land?
Road-trips pull me away from time
Lands I’ve never bled dry
Spoiled meats and canyon jerky
Deep kisses and soiled sheets

Lack of Desire Now (day 498)

I’ve watched the sky fall on the bitter truth
Smelling the stains that pollute the open womb
Spewing forth venom that lurches and aches
For one last passion that is far too gone now
Desire then pits the wound against the present
Shadowing all doubt with consequences once important
Laying bare the animals that sniff the freshly spilled blood
Pooling into the depths only the brave and stupid dare

..and beyond this lays a land so golden
That nothing else matters there
No other parts compile into the whole
Except that which is already set and inside
Here there are natural colors
Colors that blend so well into nature
That blinded by the cosmos
Everything makes sense
No more open wounds and rotting corpses
No more time delays or boxes to move
Just parts of golden rays of sunshine
Grandma, I’m home now

Rocky Sea Shores (day 477)

Into the ocean I stare away my dreams
Focusing on the repetitive nature of the natural beast
Watching the sparkles come and go
As the waves wash up and beat to and fro
Natural mystics carry dreams afar
Wishes and hopes that float on the wind

Did we walk long enough into the distance yet
Perhaps we can carry on, to find a nice spot

Mermaids walking that keep time with the wind
Hair flowing as the wind whips from all sides
Little rocks to hop on, a little sun bathe on
Happy memories for the young maidens in a foreign land

Rivers Edge (day 476)

Camping along the rivers banks here allows my stars to shine like they have been powered from an altruistic source ready for the dreams that spend their life projecting

The crickets and frogs that enliven my ears with a symphony of random harmony makes the words learned have neither meaning nor maestro, water trickles by ceaselessly

With the cool breeze of the grass that robs my still thoughts of all of their listlessness, fighting the wee little shivers that invite the goosebumps to pour sexual droplets of romance over my body

It is here that there is no need for per-conceived notions of what is and what shall come to pass, Here is the land for dreams and dreams and dreams and more dreams

Do you know this? Do you understand the power in the stars up above on a clear evenings shine as you lie amongst the longer wisps of grass that share soil with wild flowers?

Health (day 212)

The consumption clogs the hallways
Deep within the darkest corners of the buying stations
Slopes of plastics enters the sea

Free our trees and hold our hands
Lets make a change for a better land

Arousal of the senses
Clean off the health chips
Make the change to freedom abroad

Cool your showers off in spite the greed
And lean your weight in

Lets make this a plan and hold all debits
Clear the mind of deathly consumption bug
Leave your hands swollen with pride

Forever in The End (day 121)

A line begins
But a line must end
So shall sun
So shall the wind

But love that curls
And love that whirls
Should make thou smile
Under all that’s else

I want you happy
If it means I’m sad
I want your worries
In a far off land

Then you couldn’t frown
Or bend that soft brow
With troubles far away
Many a long gone day

It shall never be changed
My sturdy feet I have
I’ll be here forever
Till you’ve found your strength

One day, my lover
One day shall soon
Call upon each other
To bend around the moon

And in this day
At this day of judgement
We’ll only ask ourselves
Did I follow my heart?