Push (day 649)

An infinite change to alter what’s guttural
A push forth to filter substantial
Harmony to mystically float abysmal
Up, up and away into the supernatural
Be gone, be off, be far away and impartial
Leaving life itself here in actual
Space and time, compounded with natural
Phenomenons, ordinary existential
Places of habitation and practical
Reality that grows into love after all

Traveler (day 395)

Tomorrow I shall be in a whole new land
One with infinite possibilities
One that smells of freshly baked bread
That encourages red wine and cheese

I will pack some socks, for Ill be gone a while
And I plan not to return
I’ve arranged my things, said my good-byes
I shalln’t see them for some time

I’m flying there, on a little commute
One I’ve done a few times before
But this time’s different: something has changed
Perhaps it’s the air up here

I have no plans, no place to stay
Only one road that I must take
I’ve heard before, that the traveler who
Has no plans is he who is happiest