The Air Here (day 2354)

Air is warmer here
Among the banana trees
And broad leaves
It lays about you
In spots that used to stay warm.
There is no separation
Between warm and humid
There is no dry
There is just a light breeze
From a passing window
Watching traffic
With no repetition
Zip by
In varying degrees of exhaust
Hoping whatever it is that’s making
The breeze keep so friendly
Keeps doing its work.

Faintest Scent (day 650)

Into the faintest scents of memories
The world whispers it’s answers
Up and beyond leftover thought
That faintly caress hovering fading light

[Past shuffling feet
That arch through cobblestones
Past empty mouths
That gape wide at silent sidewalks]

Like smoke in humid shadows
With careful fragmentations floating
Full of unanswered love letters
That lingering gospel subdues
With spoken promises

A shifting presence marks its space
With hidden answers carved into air
Whirl winds here collapse time
And carry fading light into darkness