Ashram Day 6 (day 1409)

Like lightning, truth descended,
Flapping lightly as she landed
Upon an altar I had cleaned for her.

Her honesty changed me,
Her beauty held me,
Her eyes led me
Into a heart that I was.

Wings are my lightness,
Peace is my soaring,
Freedom is my voice
That extends like horizon.

If It Is You (day 1379)

I crumple into random acts of sincerity.

“Who are you hollering at?” I said,
Half past the guilty and looking down the road at

Did an Angel touch your shoulder gentle-like?
I felt a slight flutter
In a whirlwind of forever,
Dancing in my opera house memory.

Hold onto you like it is you,
And if it is you be you.

History Sleeps (day 688)

And your swords
Heel’t by the pressures of oath
Forcing thought from mind
Into duty, sworn and bred


It is here where deceit grows
Amongst the cobwebs of freedom
Faith of the free
Growing dissonance


But straightened backs
And freshly pressed regalia
Adorned with pride and service
Calm thy boiling blood


Hindered with loathe
Confidants biding their time
In halls of betrayal
Seething with ego

Unnatural betrayal hidden
Behind blind eyes of service
Suckling the easy tit of


While memories float frequently
Between graying hairs
And balding victories
Scavenging the lands of truth

Relying on honor
A choice and a path
Not a reason or calling
But inward honesty


Though demons fight unceasingly
Through hushed dark corridors
Escape routes of the squeamish
Icicles of setting winter


Until the end remains clear
Ancient avenues of chestnut trees
Above the family crypt
History sleeps as change begins

Mother (day 355)

Your honesty is overwhelming when you walk away like that
Here I am pouting, you talk on your phone
Clearly I’m demanding attention from you, mom
Clearly you’re not interested, lame bastard I am
These marks on my being will forever be scarred
I cannot forget them, ingrained in my conscience
I will grow old and remember with contempt and disdain
Perhaps not this moment, but many like it will come

Mother, please help me
I need your kind patience
Help me to find it
What will make me a man
Then in my pastime
When idle and old
I’ll remember you fondly
As a good mother should be