Mind Rumors (day 3073)

I want to hold you now
– But I am stricken
Though I do not know
Why I must depart and wait.
Thus my breath deflates,
And the ghost asks:
“What blows against your soul?”
But I do not know,
And I do not speak to it
For it spreads rumors
And my heart cannot handle
Any more rumors from my mind.

A Path (day 2432)

I’m not trying to let you down
No, this isn’t me leading you
This isn’t a game
Where I roll the dice,
Make the calls
And you follow
Anxiously trying to grasp
The next move
To believe you had made
The better choice.
I’m here to talk to you,
To bite first upon your supple skin
To hold your hand
As we take each other higher
Upon the path of our desires
That anxiously awaits
To share our stories,
That believes so effortlessly
We have a reason to live
In servitude for each other,
While remaining unbelievably strong
In our hearts
So we can fully grasp hold
Of our purest magnitude,
Giving freely the most valuable asset
Of my heart.

Holiday Basket (day 1648)

Sometimes I just want to call you my own,
Hold you into my arms to roll you into my soul.
I’m not going out tonight anymore,
Instead I’ll be boiling sweet tea for just two.
This is me trying for the best of my life
And I will not tire of you on my mind
Because you are what I want for my own.
How little you know of the feeling that grows,
Place a hand on your cheek, look into your eyes.
Your moon is my sun, your breath is my wind,
And I am here now, your hand in my hand,
Off to the moon or a little more slow,
Along with the ways of the sun in our souls.

Lawn Thoughts (day 452)

Spots flicker over my sun lit figure
Slowly spreading outward
Along the grass I graze upon
I let go the hold I thought I had
On the surface that surrounds me
I pull on the purple flowers
That grow around the shady spots
And the music that wafts my way
Anchors me down to the ground
Throwing away the little pieces
That grab at my invisible thoughts

Lover… (day 438)

Lover, come home to me
Let me feel you beside me now
Forget space that has grown
Let night grab us here
And take hold as we dance away

Lover, whisper in my ear
Let sweet sounds heat my breath
Lay me low against the time of night
Push away that cause this
Uncomfortable space between us

Lover, hold my hand a while
As we walk off into the distance
Searching for a sunset
Amongst romantic castles
Stone fences, and cobblestones

Lover, sit with me here
Lets make our backs hurt
Our asses numb
On these cement benches
Staring deep into the horizon

Hands (day 274)

I’ve never felt your hand like this
Grasping at the loosely tied bows
Perhaps I missed the train
Perhaps I watched it spray off
Into the frost bitten nights air
Perhaps I hugged it goodnight
Sending it away with warm thoughts
And a wet conscience
I’ve always known your hands like this
Delicately tromping around in the heavy breaths
I’ve never watched the night sky go down
Like the way you imagine it with me
Like the way you want to hold it to me
Perhaps tonight, as you gaze
Upon the crystal clear star-lit sky
You’ll get those shivers all over
I’ve always known when your hands do this

No (day 117)

No, I’m not waiting
I’m not sitting here anymore
Like I’ve sat so long already
Waiting for a day to come
That’s probably already passed
I can’t think you’ll return
I can’t think it wasn’t bad
I’ve got to hold my hand out
Catch a cup full of rain water
Drink it with my blood: so hot
Drink it with my life: forgot