Dandelion (day 1104)

Designed and betrayed
The dandelion reaches proud.
An arc culminating in a golden crown;
Surrounded by disciples.
So fresh, so close to sour
Yet so understandably healthy
In this alternate way of living.
To be flesh, then wither away.
Flounder into delicate wind swaps
Floating on forth, forever more.

The Last of My Soul (day 1032)

For the last of my soul
Lingered between barnacles,
To which, much to my dismay,
Spread blood amongst salty bubbles
Relocating my healthy initiative
– Re-digesting my acquired taste –
Into little bits of fish-bait.
My conscience flittered
Into spraying mist
Diving deep to discover
The last of my soul

Tree of Life (day 775)

I like the words tree of life
It weaves its way around my mind
Like a healthy vine
Working its way eagerly
Around any healthy hosts

I always picture it standing
In the middle of a field,
A marvelous spectacle out there
Silhouetted in the morning sun
Full plumage, healthy bird culture

I always feel at home
Under the tree of life
The grass is always greenest
Roots are always thickest
Qi is always fullest