Tears Over A Sickle Bar (day 3218)

I tried to love you
With your broken ways
Spent the hours
Repairing your fractures
And took the time
To slow down
Listening to your hum
As you rocked back and forth
In the long sun
Struggling away
At cutting
Grass into hay.
But your fractures
Broke into cracks
And left me lurching
Struggling away
Too many times
To keep heart strong
Determined to make it work.

Fresh Hay (day 1847)

I wandered into an empty barn, and couldn’t figure out why the hay still smelt fresh. My eyes adjusted with a twinkling daylight filtering in through cracks in the wooden walls, dust that may have once been settled was caught suspended in the beams of light and my eyes scanned the well worn floor, distracted by the antique tools laying about as if still in use. How could I know what had come here before? How could, with a flash like a blink, memories flicker through my vision as if my transistor radio had suddenly happened upon a past I knew well?

Piles of Hay (day 1171)

Green green grass that pulled my eye
Away from studious pursuits,
Left me blinking beyond recognition
Against the mid-summer sun.
And ‘for too long I was bound
To be a gentleman farmer,
With two brown cows and a flock-o-chickens
To keep collectors at bay.
In my haste I left my pencils
Behind the ol’wrecked galley,
Which held my plans of adventure and folly
Through lands of foreign accents.
As Big Ben – punctual suitor a-high –
Chimed my daily ritual no more,
I whisked away the piles of hay
To woo my mid-summer sun.
She laughed at me upon her stoop
With joy only innocence can bring.
Though my knee, dusty it be
Was scraped in childhood folly,
Look here my man, in my hand
I’ve a sun and it’s even more fun.

New Positions in Old Lands (day 913)

Wilting tulips peeking out between
Tufts of Kentucky blue
Old fruits in decomposed remains
Soiling nurtures death

Sprawled timelessly, endlessly
Vacant amongst giants
Sit cozy cottages
Squished and disheartened

Grave-ly/like plowed
Widened and trimmed
Single track adventure path turned
Paved mountainous road

Rounded and tied
Bales of hay
Feeding quarter horses on
Four wheels with exhaust

Life stream in valleys floor
Where abundant game roam
Cement barricades trapping
Forever more… dam

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