Forth (day 223)

As with all roads away
A route returns home
A life never stumbles
Without lessons infused
With meters along the road
Screaming stop signs and
Merge patterns
Green lights and red!

Go forth with the fury of horses
Lights on, overdrive engaged
Heed not the warning signs of truck trailers
Long turns and shiny rails
Keep your eyes on the lines
Keep your path towards the prize
Carry me my young sailor
Into the wind reaching this day

Decay (day 194)

Like the soul of the shoe
The voice in the head
The green of the leaf
The love in the night

Decay with the eyes of desire
Decay with the heart of a mother
Decay with the grace of a deity
Decay with the light of a fire

And make
The open sky of love
Fall apart into pieces
Never worn by a stranger
But the brothers of all