I’m Gone

I’m gone
It has taken me a while
But I sit here
Watching the elongating
Aloe vera leaves
So far from the road
That once brought me here.

I’m gone
My path long overwritten
Slight smile
Of downtrodden blades
And the omnipresent moss
Setting it’s tangles
Deeper than I can ever watch.

I’m gone
Noises from the party
Barely audible
Where my anxiety levels
An inability to be present
Sits waiting in blades of grass
I walk amongst alone.

Racket In My Brain (day 3081)

There’s a racket in my brain
That’s been gone for so long
That makes all the mess:
Chicklets on the table,
And memories of messages
Written in block
On beige walls of the cold school
Eluding so many.
This, as so,
Has taken up my mind
And left me unguarded
To the whims of the Mafia
We call World Order.
So where can I go?
Who can I look to?
For the racket in my brain
Seems to like all the rain.

Let Them Down (day 2712)

When we’re told we’re not ok
Let them down
When we’re told another way
Let them down
When we’re told we’re not enough
Let them down
When we’re told to stay away
Let them down
When we’re told to be different
Let them down
When we’re told to smile
Let them down
When we’re told to buy more
Let them down
When we’re told to be brave
Let them down
When we’re told to find peace
Let them down
When we’re told to call again
Let them down
When we’re told to sign up
Let them down
When we’re told to follow
Let them down
When we’re told to be advised
Let them down
When we’re told to be ourselves
Let them down
When we’re gone
Let them down

Forever Calling (day 1664)

You heard me calling out your name –
Upon my tongue it would forever last –
Though you took flight into the night,
At a half past forever gone.

I listened then into light wind
For the call I had learned as my own,
And here at last, my breaking point,
A white wolf on the run.

I dare not breathe for fear of alarm,
A fear my existence would cause caution,
Clear for me was how set free
Thy heart as latched bygone.

Your paws I tracked into deep forest,
My soft pads doubled your quick steps,
Leading me as if by force
Into your nature’s home.

It was here I finally sat atop
A rocky outcrop, a simple bluff,
Where every night I’d hear your call
Leaving me forever, never alone.

Sunken (day 1084)

I’ve lost my ways, forgotten and tilted,
My wings, they’ve bent all up and wilted.
They’ve shook out wildly their last flutter,
Left me to scramble my eggs in butter.

I used to hold my whispers tightly
But now I’m lost forever, nightly.
And to my breath I speak not warmth
For long gone dark, my sunken hearth.

When gone I’d toil a long days work,
To make a home, to fill my fork.
Though since my leaf has been unsheathed
I’ve lost my will to hold, to breath.

I pray to come, a return of my memory
To overcome my being, my sensory.
But if I were to forget it all,
Would I ever wonder how?

A Poem For the Pretty Girl to Fly By (day 773)

It’s not long now before you go; wings spread open wide
Lifted from your feet and swept through blue skies aside
Over hills and deep ravines shall you soar a graceful glide
For all the while, as love and life be with you by your side
Gremlins and their evil minions will run away and hide
Leaving gone, far be gone, like retreating oceans tide
Oppressions game, an evil name, laid down to end it’s ride
And off and off, up, away, beyond, gone away it slide
Peace become up high so far, to life that’s open up so wide

Tired (day 560)

I am tired
And these bags gathering
Under my eyes
Are growing their own
Attitude and regret
I’ve been sleeping little
In between dreams
Packing in time
I never could grasp
The days are slipping
On account of my drinking
Which erases the memories
Of days far gone now
Perhaps I could visit
Lost time again
With a flick of my wrist
A twist of my wit
A power to build me
My kingdom here yet
But then, would this cure me?
Would this let me rest?
Surely in madness
I’m loosing my faith
Sleep would be nice
As it touched my brow
Brought me forth
Delivered me with faith
I’d float through the scenes
Blissfully aware
Of the red roses here
Landing down lightly
On a little island of sand
Melting away desires
Melting away all plans
A sweet surrender
A happiness over me
A happiness is me