My Suffering

I am not a descendant
Neither an ancestor
I walk only
Upon land un-owned
I hear voices
That I may not know
And recognize patterns
Inside my zone
That don’t jive
With my dreams and goals.

So then shall I be reborn?
Shall I find within me
The God I shall be?
Listening and believing
Actions and ideals
In perfect synchronicity?

My barefeet stumble,
My pattern outlayed.
But I still step softly
In spite the growing
Bearing down upon my
Alighted brow
So that this God in me
Is the God that you see
And my suffering
Is not the God that shall be
In you.

Accepting (day 631)

I pattered to and fro
Seemingly aimlessly disturbed as I go

But I with the plan
With goals laid upon
Accepting at my feet
I would let you in
To my dashing little plan
Should you reach out and shout

Not on this Thursday, though
To busy in your mind
You washed out my truths
Delayed with confusion

Please, I ask let me go now
I’ll set forth from here
Alone with my bushel
Onwards on my journey

Victorious (day 619)

In all conditions
And the word was met
Out from the distance
Sprung one, and his net
And all through the forest
Then through the seas
Onward to habitats
And into the streets
From that day forth
Set out to the edge
Was the lot and their goals

He was a master
A master at a craft
One that spewed madness
And another out of stress
One that strews happiness
One with regret
For then one became
In his shelter of back trash
A champion of his craft
Living in amongst
The nature he was of
He walked on his coats
His suit heaven felt
His boat in the moor
To which he escaped
After the deed had been done;
Tracked and then captured
Tamed and then toweled
Dried like a mint
For tea was the score
Figure me this

Let me be your sprigot
You insectide of madness
You inhibitor of fleas
What then
Lost in a net of spiritual madness
Taken from all beings

Then figure me that

Standing proud
Was our gallant soldier
Basking in his glory
Basking in his gorgeousness
Waving his flag bloody proud
And smiling

Sometimes (day 105)

I fall into a bliss
Or maybe not quite serene
But focused at any rate
A time filled with desire
Loss for right and wrong
Just an image
That fills my countenance
Nothing but direction
An end is always inevitable
But like all emotions
Like all movements
Who knows when it too shall end

Canucks (day 26)

Down by four goals
One period to go
It was less than ten minutes
That got you right here

You win with a heart
Take charge with desire
Skate till the end
That’s how you’ll win

People loose hope
People have lost hope
People have jumped on
Bandwagons are strong

All comes to show you
What support and strength
You’ve got behind you
To take down this battle

Keep the faith
Keep your stick on the ice
Lordy lordy lordy
Kick some ass in the race!