Slow Tune or Jangle (day 2481)

I’m going to split myself into unending characters
That rasp along to a slow tune or jangle
Waiting for a sunset slip – in to make me better
I said carry me away!
With something dragging behind I needn’t care for
Lurching, weaving, my staggered step keeps leaving
Why did it ever matter that this meaning had punctuation
Drawling leftover party pleaser at midnight
Taken too much sugar glitter!
And Madonna playing quietly as gamblers swing their weight
With a pretty little dancer making eyes across the room
I am endeavoring to depart, avoiding unnecessary chatter
Closing out this night as a single dusty platter.

Biggleding and Figgleding (day 1286)

I tempted my fate,
Believing in my firm footsteps
That wiggled and diggled
And figgled and biggled.
To where was my answer,
To whom was an impulse.
To lie by my lover,
To step foot in her hearth
That lay idle; upon
Yet so astray.
For merry was my wish
To Blondy and her fish,
Merry was an inheritance
That clothed itself in
100 year old furs
And danced around with glitter
To the steady beat
Of my leather soles
As I walked on further
Towards my fate
And an undying appreciation
Of the biggleding and figgleding.

Feel Like That (day 827)

It’s been a long time since I woke from death
Layered with unconquered thoughts
Buttoned up with snaps to strip me bare

Visions and nature quests
Visions and serpents
Visions of the omnipresent
Gathering ’round natures ripest tree

You float with me
Like smooth wine through luxury
Shaking off cobwebs with fine tipped pens
Rummaging deep into a shallow purse
And throwing about glitter
Like momma ain’t got no worries

So, I’ve lost my excuses
I ate them with magic mushrooms
Wrapped in fantasy’s glow
Ecstasy, running free like bombs

Like bombs that ring in my ears telling me to stop

Winter Here (day 589)

Winter isn’t cold here
It’s like Sunday in front of the fire
Expensive liquor and
Love floating all around
Sounds breaking apart the mahogany
Dripping down the walls
And lifting up the edges
Of the well polished atmosphere

I’ve given in to the long coats
The ones with fur lining
My grandfather handed down
Brought from old Russia
In solid chests on the backs of horses

I’ve slumbered around with
Expensive cocktails with bow ties
Suspenders and alchemy dripping down the walls
A time of surreal magic
Pushing out between the breasts
Of well dressed ladies

I’ll take two for the road sir
Tuck them under my outstretched coattails
And push them down with essence
Tugging tightly at my cufflinks
Trail of broken hearts and glitter
Follows me out the back door into the evening air

I Know You Here (day 510)

Don’t pull on my leg man
With your hallowed out guitar
Lonely voice searching in the distance
Grasping at things that make
Tears roll off of lovers eyes

Don’t paint with that color
It pulls down the clouds closer
And fills up this glass with toxic
Veins of remorseful vengeance
Gritting teeth and small snarls

I know you when your standing naked
Loose fitting clothes beside you
No glitter, no leather
Just you and soft voices and delicate touches
Eyes closed now, I know you here

Dipping (day 196)

She flung her long black silk gloves with purpose
Sultry seduction oozed from her pores
Glitter, 10 carat, catching the light
Stabbing her way forth with leg kicks
Spins with meaning, and poise, and grace

And I, the lucky sultan of pride
Roamed these dark corners like a dog on the prowl
Casually oozing my way down to the presence of seduction
“Don’t mind if I do” said the sultan’s eyes
Don’t mind if I do

Be spun, BE SPUN! Take down thee lights high
Faded pictures with memories
Glass jars and unmarked bars
Sipping noodles and dipping spoons
And absinth, delivered in the presence of one

Awake I ride, less intoxicated than tired
More humming than quiet, more left than taken
Sipping casually on the early morning tea
Remembering the accounts closed
And the hands all shaken; more held