Hipsters Meatloaf (day 1044)

There’s sun here,
Beaming into my leftover sex eyes.
Wet ground pushing through
My grandmothers heirloom blanket
Floral – diamonds for my pleasure,

A lover’s legs wrap beyond consciousness,
Creasing my hunger
And playing games with children
Learning how to catch Frisbees,
And hipsters bikes
– Bloody impracticable bikes –
Making criss-crossing lines
Across freshly sprouted spring.

I’m drinking a wild blend of red
Eying patrons eying me…
I’m not annoyed with screaming children,
Just wondering how fun their game really is;
How long fun lasts
Before someones mother has had enough,
Started worrying about what types of spices
To leave out of tonight’s meatloaf
Vegetarian meatloaf,
Hipsters meatloaf.

Shallow (day 899)

New age heroes backtracking my history
Plunging my knowledge into depths shallow
An abysmal abomination bleeding
Without attention – slowly growing more pale
Shuddering at steps of continual growth
Spiritual connection

Wolf pack howls at the onslaught of night
Quickly scattering the mice and easy game
As midnight blue enters souls of all living
Masking horror forgotten – unexposed
To hungry prowlers let out loose
Given to animality

Contour edges of my heart like madness
Incorporate symbols of vengeance and betrayal
Of once and then lost
Of loose soil – six feet shallow
And layer my justice like skyscraping urbanalities
Because I have no right, no ritual

I Am Dance (day 868)

I’m the river and I am rain
I’m the song that sounds the same
I’m the lost and I am found
I’m the up and I am down
I’m the whisper that came out loud
I’m the suns forever cloud
I’m the light in times of dark
I’m the meow and I am the bark
I’m the sorrow and jubilee
I’m the thought and memory
I’m the offense and I defend
I’m the game and I am the end

They’d Moan (day 481)

There was a door that creaked as it was stealthily opened that gave him away every time
It wasn’t as if they minded, they both smiled to themselves as they knew what it meant
Love, so they thought, was at work in the house so they let it continue in its name
She said she was 23, he knew she was 22. He didn’t lie with his 25
It’s funny how age becomes less and less relevant as the days whisper on by
The bed could fit them both, it was a nice feeling with the warmth of each others skin pressing down on their sleepy whispers
Loose bed sheets that wrinkled at the foot of the bed would never be needed in passion
There was a point in the passion where both of the lovers would pause
Where they would both crawl over towards each other and look into their eyes and still be sitting there in their underwear
This was passion, fueled by desire, that would rupture where they stood and teased
It was fun at any rate, to slowly take off each others small things and reveal something secret and intimate
Skin that was smooth, and delicate clipping, and eyes that crawled more than a spider with a smile
More and then less, and more and then less was a game that was exciting to play
A game that would take the both of them longer and hopefully both of them higher than before
Did they lose touch just then, when the passion was within, or was it lost to them a long time ago?
But they embraced each other, nipple against nipple, and turned up the heat in the room
They’d call and they’d moan, and they’d let out a groan, and they’d pull at the hair on the back of the neck
They’d flip and they’d roll, and they’d stop and they’d call, and they’d make it all matched in their body
And the race was on for eruptions song, dancing a dance where two can play and the best of the days is when it grooves
Take all that away in a moments display, in a push for the top of the rafters
Then draining away that marvelous display comes a time for bliss like a setting sun in the arms of a lover
And a kiss, a kiss on the forehead, wet with excitement and no delay and breath that enjoys how fast it does roll
A little fun at the toes as the sheets that have stowed are un-tangled and used as a cover for the flesh
Legs that are near reach around and pull close with emotion set fit for the time
With low murmurs that roll through the waves in a friendly waltz the night slowly takes control of the two lovers until movement no longer becomes conscious

The Game (day 286)

Coerced into the blame game
I felt a little foolish as I washed the red expressions from my skin
I felt in awe as I sprayed down jealousy off the walls
Thrown up there in a fit of disgust
Pent up, for anger never held any grounds close to these blackened soles

There was, however, a time when anger ruled the lands
I vaguely remember those days
When lovers walked hand in hand along the boardwalk
Casting glances over their shoulders
Trying to disguise the thoughts upheld on their brows

Perhaps it was the technological shift that eased the lovers arms from around the clock
As the day shifted into another
As the listless lost little figments of their imagination
To the ever-slowing mechanism of the futures design
To the ever ticking tock of a lovers game

Of Squirrels and a Lover (day 156)

Decadent ritual of un-fretted glory
Somersaults and candles and baskets with lunches
Bubble baths and grass and glasses of wine
Seize the day, give not to thine fear

Wallowing in glory with squirrels and a lover
Smelling the air of lightly scented allure
Pretending to care the feathers aren’t ruffled
Knowing better than the vultures circling

The game is your own
The bat is a slugger
The ball isn’t greased
And the pitcher’s on change-up

Lay low, dear lover
Lay high, dear moon
Stay long dear lover
Stay bright, dear moon

No Girls (day 99)

The kids play lazily as the captain he takes aim
The daughter of the third mate, she takes upon his love

The game it begins
And two men grin

The daughter she’ll only take one

Long lasting memories of two voyages previously
Makes the captain and his men


Good plans
But a lady on board

To all of their horror
Will prove this ships demise

In the daughters disguise

In all of our eyes
Take heed in the rule of no girls

Effort (day 28)

Gravitation like centrifugal force
Pulls its weight inward
Sinking ships and attracting comets
Similar to love; laws of attraction

Within this game of wheels and barriers
Around this ball of burning flame
Sinks the demon you’ve played again
Round and round and dig much deeper

The efforts there, aside the sticks
Counting pegs like cribbage pricks
Blowing out the energy within
This is the game; lead from within