From Afar (day 3091)

Little blackbird little blackbird
You sit there so lonely
Your friends along the line
Not away, not too far.
I see you agitated
Worried and lonesome
Watching them get along
Where you sit, from afar.
Why don’t you start singing
To the day through the air,
To the sunshine that hits you,
To Spring coming in the air,
Your singing so beautiful
Would attract every ear
From Pictou to River John
From afar to right here.

Whiskey Disco (day 2215)

Whiskey disco has me moving again
Two steps backward
We got four steps to go
Deep diving sunshine
Off a dock kept afloat
By two more bottles
That I just can’t let go
So I’m singing loudly
At the Whiskey Disco
With my old friends
Who’ve got to much on me
We live our lives
So that we get overrun
By no other then
The Whiskey Disco

Silent Lines (day 1916)

I like the silence of closed eyes
In spite roaring flickering lights
And devilish heavy breathing
That’s slowly circling around my ankles
Encrusting scars that stretch towards
Silent darkness I dare not tread on.
No, my silence is juxtaposed with illusions:
Of dancing lovers who call themselves friends,
Of scowling friends who want nothing more
Then to make love all night to my soul.
My silence kisses me softly
When all around roars deafening
In giant gulps of thunder and lightening,
And my eyes they burn with midnight candles
And leave forever lines across my forgotten soul.

Duke (day 1367)

Dear George,

I watched the twins go back and forth on the swings today,
It kind of made me feel sea-sick, like when I used to go high.
I remember it was always funner competing
Against my brother or sister to see
Who could go highest.
Did you jump off at the end?
Perhaps that’s why my feet get sore sometimes now.

Could you ever have dreamed we’d both have twins
When we’d first met?
How we’ve both become family people now.
I like the family though, my small bit of world
I’ve nurtured around me.
It’s different then a close knit group of friends
All keenly interested and active in each other’s lives,
But I’m influential all the same, and I like the closeness
We all have regularly. My whole world.
Do you also get this feeling with yours?

Duke, our little fox terrier is getting quite old now.
Do you remember when we first got him?
I was looking at the photographs of him
As a puppy the other day, so cute.
He sits and comes when called,
And when we go for a walk he’s always very obedient.
He gets along with the kids so well.
I hate to think of life without Duke, but we must brace for it a bit.

Hope you’re well George,
We all look forward to your visit this summer.



Dragging Left Wing | Chapter V (day 948)


We had friends, sure. The kind of friends that went missing during the daylight hours and came out at night. Friends you’re not sure you’ve known sober. Perhaps this is toxicity… or fun.

We’d all get together at one of our pads. Getting all preparing at one of our dimly lit haunts. The ladies would all be scurrying around getting their ons-on. It was sub-culture at it’s finest. We knew it and cultivated it like Grama’s purple pansies. It reminded me of the ol’ Beatnik poets, or scenes of Almost Famous where they de-flowered William Miller. Those crazies who lived on the edge of poverty, half addicted to some narcotic the other half so close to the insane asylum it was the pure fabric of our well knit society that held them together.

It was interesting watching everybody in their own. Mindlessly wandering about their fantasies as that’d surface and take root in a discussion. We were a group of intellects, not withstanding the freeloading social surfers looking for their own stay too. We all have those, those curiously inclined but far to mind fucked to be able to withstand the rigors of an alternate lifestyle. Society is a tenacious mother who doesn’t let that stranglehold loose too often. Vice grips made of the finest steel a man can mine.


When you find yourself in these kind of situations, it’s easy to trace back memories to circumstances: naked and alluring. It’s a smile and a random comment. A shared drink. What started as a gentle touch on the shoulder and a look so dangerous it ate magic and cast spells. A perspiring beer bottle. Cowboy boots. Tweed jackets with patches on the elbow and thick rimmed glasses that poked out the sides.

It was love and magnetic, like a riveting fiction steeped in sex scenes and pool hall billiards and whiskey shots and a love story.

And I was a sucker.


This isn’t a competition. This isn’t a battle for your love. This is an experience that we’re on together, holding hands, loving, whispering, walking, and waltzing through the evening’s twilight music rustling out through the brown wooden speakers of the 33 spinning wheels.

I corked my own bottle, I dusted off my own boots, I held the door for you. This was me, it was never my attempt to woo you, to brainwash you into me. At least not fully. Of course it’s hard for me to not try my best to cast my spells, in the end. I knew my spells were commingling with yours though. All the difference.


In the evenings we’d go for walks along the sombre street sidewalks, arm in arm with unconsciously matched steps; a slow pace. Slow dance in the living room with dirty indy music holding us close.

The floors were old parquet flooring; only a few loose segments to mind. We’d navigate the few squeaky spots with delicate care and embrace.

It’s funny how intimate relationships are always stifled in public. Soft becomes hard. Release become manicured. But the saunter always exists, the presence is constant. Julie had a swagger cultivated entirely. So did the rest of the gang, the lousy group of modern beatniks, loveless bastards, free floating radicals, my family of grandeurs I’d so come to call by love.

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I Danced (day 787)

I danced like I had hot rocks in my shoes
Spinning in the cool night air
All around me gathered friends of friends
Fur tails and leather pouches and
Glow sticks in their hair

There was a beat rumbling forth
Striking notes inside my soul
Moving my hips in synch with beautiful people
Surrounding me, smiling as I spun
Watching the light play tricks
On the trees beyond

I didn’t reach out and touch anybody
Far too reserved with my mind about me
Watching the multitudes surge and fray
While the studs balanced upon their horses
And the ladies flaired up their feathers

I danced tonight with unequal steps
Shaking in weird beats per minute
Lights temporarily blinding me
But not a care in the world
With every note stirring my soul and
Shaking my knees with grooves

On Meeting a Stranger With Long Legs (day 763)

Bonjour fine lady of the long legs
Hello, yes, simply dazzling they are
Oh, don’t be shy! It’s true!
I can see you know it by the glint in your eyes!!
My name is Joseph, and it is my pleasure
Simply my delight today to make your acquaintance
Thanks my friend! It’s got to be my favorite
Article of clothing I have, I got it in Berlin
I love the color too, matches with everything
There is only one problem…
Yes, but one simple problem my dear lady
I have not had a chance to ask your name!?
Linda! Oh what a wonderful name
I’ve never known a Linda before
Such a beautiful day today Linda, don’t you think?
I know! Such bright sun it’s almost draining!
Have you been able to escape the heat today?
Well that’s good..
Oh mine has been good too
Lots of administration things
Organizing and filing, you know how it is?
Now tell me, Linda
From what far corners of this fine country
Since I detect no accent in your words
Did you and your legs walk from?
Indiana! Marvelous. I myself am from Chicago
Mere one state away! What part of Indiana?
Why! I had a great friend in university from Lafayette
You probably wouldn’t even know him
I don’t think I could even recall his last name!
Do you think? How big is it?
Well, his name was Conrad.
Conrad Berkley or Barkley or Buckley…
Yes! That’s it! Conrad Bernard!
Blond hair with a side part??
Thick black rimmed glasses?
Ha! Such a small world indeed
Such a small world
How did you know Conrad?
Really? Your old boyfriend was good friends with him?
Ha! Imagine that
Linda, I was just making my way towards Roberta’s Joint
You know, the café just around the corner here
Are you interested in joining me for a spot of tea?
Ah, delightful! It will be my honor
Shall we?

Foreign but Traditional Airports (day 736)

It was cold as I stepped off the airplane in that small foreign airport, so many miles from home and not a plan, save for you.

You were an adventure, insight into a foreign world with a warm couch to sleep on. A world I had spent so many years learning about.. planning for.

An adventure with a heart wide open and arms firmly closed, cobblestone streets ancestors had walked upon and a quiet corner of a once booming shipping port.

There was a long bus ride with anxious questions as friends long been separated chatted, and the grand tour through old town with a heavy bag and just a little bit of complaining.

Awaiting at the airport pacing back and forth, I wondered where she was. My phone was expired, no money in my pockets, not even an address to go to.

Biezpiens is a traditional dish. It was necessary, so was the fresh selection of strawberries at the old farmers market. And a little slice of chocolate, traditional chocolate.

There was a dog; a big brown Lab/Sharpei mix with big ears and bigger paws. She was an anxious dog, the kind that pulls at the leash every step of the way. Leaves, sticks, strange smells, other dogs…

Twice a day I’d walk her through the retired graveyard, searching every gravestone for recognizable names. Never found any.

Ever step I felt like I could see horses pulling buggies, old top hats and pointed mustaches. The signs of old Baltic Ritterschaft nobility.

I’d find new paths every day I’d walk the city streets. New buildings that were old buildings, new corners of the city that were old corners of the city. I’d learned cobblestones made quite a racket when car tires roll over them.

I left there in love. In love with a city, in love with a way of life. In love with a style. In love with a woman who did not want to love me.

I left there with a hug from her and a lick from the dog for a long full bus ride. The whole way to the foreign airport early that morning I stood with my bags about my shoulders, fighting the woes of leaving my heart behind and the dizziness of hardly a breakfast in my belly.

Of course the only thing I could think of was the laughing while smiling.

Riga - 201209 (26 of 605)

If There Was No War (day 685)

If there was no war
Lions and cheetahs as friends
And if there was no war
Chimpanzees would sure be free
If there was no war
My happy feet’d take me to thee
‘Cause I’ve got love baby
Love enough for you and me

Can you image life without a wall
No distraught to make it tall
Or foes to climb at all
It’d sure be a funny thing
Calling what mine mine
When the whole world was shared
Yours and mine together you see
Friends at last we’d always be

If there was no war
No holes would mark and scar the land
And if there was no war
No poppy would be remembering for
If there was no war
My happy feet’d take me to thee
‘Cause I’ve got love baby
Love enough for you and me

Now if there was no war
No war to pick our pockets for
And if there was no war
No war for few to fight the many
If there was no war
My dog would open up the door
Welcome in the buffalo
Roaming wild and free
A sea of peace for you and me

Dust (day 472)

A lonely seat that waits at the end of the bar
Clears the cobwebs from ones imagination
Marrying innocence to thick laid smoke dust
That one can never quite resist smudging

Perhaps that’s when the ghosts return
Walking in like they’ve never left the place
Light beams catch the dust they turn up
Barkeep still remembers their favorite drink

Their old friends come up and say hi again
Laughing as if one am just rolled around
Not enough, but still a lot
They wont be going home early tonight

The bottles at the top call out quietly
Asking what day it is today
It always speaks in that aged, wise way
That understands it’s all going to be alright

But where did my companions all go
The rest of them dance around here merrily
Red cheeks and full bellies roll
And the door swings shut, silence spills around