Fire (day 1481)

Rhapsodus! Exaltus!
Furious foe!
Hand over structure,
In battle, all shall bow.

Indebted to no one,
Enthralled by all;
A ravaging hellion
Breaks bonds, friends or foe.

Tame a wild warrior?
Deny hungry hands their due food?
How lonesome and ignorant
That stool would do feel.

And in smouldering wakening
A clear path shall be known,
No man shall forget
Battle cry of fury’s fire.

Wide Eyed Tourist (day 591)

Memories crash through on waves hitting the shallow waters of coral reefs
Punishing the peaceful fish that make their way onward in search of food
Sun breaks into the galleries, reflecting wildly off these creatures close to the surface
Where the smiles and new haircuts wash away all that matters

Didn’t we love those diamonds we saw as we searched along the street
Where elephants roamed and wild doctors muttered to themselves
I’ve sat here before, a bottle in hand and the warm night’s breeze
Feeding my cool demeanor as I soothed the furrowed brow on a pretty girls face

We lost our way swimming in those warm shallow waters
Escaping away from the feeding sharks that lurk around the edges
Without a whimper, without the simplest of warning signs we all hope for to see
The waves came tumbling down filling the snorkel full and drowning the wide eyed tourist

Just a Lucky Fruit Basket (day 21)

A bliss of serene beauty
Floats on through the fruit isle
Making her way past
Mangoes, apples, and nectarines
Stopping to selectively select
One lucky banana
To grace her green basket
Expertly balanced
With succulent delicacies

Ahoy! Not the chicken breasts!
No, they are much too expensive
There’s a much better deal
On the value priced pork pack
It’s a little bit much, I know
For one tiny girl to consume
So I will not advise you
You’re choice, I’m sure, will bake well
With those sweet potatoes you’ve got

I can’t help but notice
You’ve chosen the bulk food section
It’s my favorite part here
Of this massive grocer
The selection is weak
But still, enough to excite
Although your dried cranberries
Make me wonder about you
I’d much prefer the chocolate covered peanuts myself

I agree with you totally
Balsamic vinegar is essential
For most any dish made
For that right bit of flavor
I tend to try it
When my food feels dry
Maybe a bad habit
For me to carry on
But I like that you like it, it’s made my day