Tired (day 2347)

I’ve found this tired
That I’m afraid I cannot shake
My eyes feel glazed
And legs so weak
My shoulders are heavy
My breath does not penetrate
Deeply like true breathing should
Perhaps it’s from
Listlessness of life
Here out on the road
Wandering from meal to meal
No direction to be told
And I’m facing a runaway
Looking into the center of self
Exposed and pushing on.

Ode to the Sea (day 1757)

Your mystery should not scare me
Your torrent needlessly takes me
But as I observe your pure glee
It is pure awe that overtakes me.
Splashing at my exposed shins
And cleansing all my sympathy,
Your salty kisses sent as sprayed love
Hit me deep, into my very bones.
And your depth, so full of mystery,
Takes every last bit of my fantasy
To a region I could never see
Where gods conversed
And octopus traverse
And most everything else is lost
Into the abyss.

the ocean at black sand beach on the hana highway in maui, hawaii

Walking Tall (day 1028)

He walked away and he wasn’t walking tall
He shrouded and hunkered;
Fixed and determined and leaving.
Under one arm was clutched a notebook
Used regularly for scribblings and incidentals,
The other held nothing:
Bare, sober, exposed.
Not waving or weighing, but tucked neatly inside
A warm and worn pocket
Reserved for the odd receipt.
But mostly for his hand, unconsciously scrunched
Into a ball that hardly swayed
As his slouch carried him away.


London - 052012 (79 of 302)

Crippling Romance With Stars (day 856)

I can see the stars when I close my eyes
Time flickers back to a time in space
Where long grass tickled cold toes and exposed shins
Walking lackadaisically over uneven ground
Arm in arm, enjoying the moment fully
Fuzzy groups of dancing nymphs
Flirting with mavens of the night
Desire spreading thick
Anticipating cool morning fog
Loud vibrations floating through nights air..

I can smell the essence there that night
Palpable reckoning, subtle beckoning
Tentative but raw passion driving

It wasn’t infused delusion crippling my senses
It was more romantic than that

Silken Sheets (day 428)

That night as the warm wind blew through the unsettled windows
Driving armies of little prickles down the side of my exposed legs
Drawing warmth from the naked maiden, eyes closed, semi-lucid
But the myth of time that ticks silently on in the blurry distance
Calls out names that ring familiar through my ears
Itching at the lost memories that shan’t return again
Smiling at the pure maiden of the sweet summers night
And knowing it won’t last much longer in spite the desolation it entails
Grabbing hands tear at the strings laid upon my back
And I sit back down, resting my frayed hairs upon the silken sheets

Cooling (day 389)

Pulsating through my veins the strain begins to beg
Following passion through dark rooms and closed doors
Hushed whispers strain the thick air
Dense with sweat and good moods

Drinks on the rocks fuel already intoxicated minds
Smooth music paves the way to sweet romance
As sheets rustle against the low buzz of a fan
Cooling the King and Queen of this here land

Up those stairs to the balcony so familiar
Cool wind blows against exposed skin
Setting night lights deep inside the conscience
Resting the heart as it pitters and patters

A Moment (day 107)

But aside
But fully exposed
Lamenting open faced bloodclots that leave traces of un-kept struggles
But in the end
In the very end of all days

Do you see?
Fully open
But glossed over with that far away look of a day dreamer
And in the end
Solid park benches