Glossy Angel (day 2322)

Have I become a status update?
Words that have no meaning
In the tangible domain
An ego swelling at the possibilities
Inflation at our fingertips,
Choices in our heart.
Have I lost the moonlight
Amidst my electric glow?
My own thoughts displaced
By wings of a glossy angel.
And here I go,
Turning the page for more
Settling in for warmth
With my heart emoticon.

Glossy Angel by Ned Tobin

Bright Workings (day 1299)

Rhythm and love shakes me.
Feeling and all of it makes me.
Haven’t been down lately.
Are you coming around, baby?

Can you feel me inside nighttime,
Like glitter in these light wines.
I’m a fountain of love baby,
You’re shaking all over tonight lines.

Feel me, as emotion entangles,
Setting fire to stage that surrounds me.
See this town as electric midnights
That strangle blackness from tonight.