Brown Candy (day 1043)

Your brown candy side part pulls at my edges
Leaving my manicured innocence clenching;
Reasonable drip sensing dilated pupils.

Pull into my senses you heart beating faster

Music rolls onward like wheels on the road
And I watch you, young brazen child,
Waiting for a spill on isle two

My tall, naked, and empty cup sits lonely

Please push your digital devices
A little closer to the edge
I’d like to have more space please

Tables always wobbly, clean, but wobbly and full

Cold patrons wander in stomping off the dew drops
I observe the wind blowing the black and white parquet awning
Where I unplug and vacate my window seat

Current’s Edge (day 990)

I walk my freedom with long bold steps
– Passionate about underlying rocks,
Saturated in air; fluid, full, exhilarating –
To my captures edge: sin and sorrow.
“DEFINE MY PATH!” From the tops of my lungs,
Knocking at doors of suffering madness
That tied these knots upon my bare feet.
It’s a long walk along hurt’s path,
A long breath to hold, withdraw,
With destiny, located amidst rubble.

It’s a long walk to freedom,
Blistering sores and stained reason.
Along my gall’s edge I protest,
Along gall’s edge I step,
And in this path I do not quiver,
I do not shake with torrent sadness,
For to my edge [my sin and sorrow],
I stare with will, my choice and I,
Into the void, my current’s capture,
And let flow from the tops of my lungs.

Towards Lovers Edge (day 801)

Could you fall away with me if I promised it was ok
If I took you by the hand and led you towards the rivers edge
Kissed you upon the lips and told you now to jump
I never planned this out before, left here in my nurtured youth
Trembling as I think about unknown, about me alone
About sending you away without my written love notes
My heart pressed deep against your breast in forbidden passion
Ecstasy written between the gay light passed behind your [eye]lids

I wouldn’t let you cry out loud into the night
Unless I had also haunts of lost lovers swarming around my head
Blanket confusion tickling my conscience with what-have-you-nots
Layered upon layers of silken sheets and fluffy pillows
And teddy bears that leave empty spaces filled
And boudoirs that pacify my opaque thoughts
That wrestle with harmony of yesterday’s future plans
I don’t want you to go away my lover, but go away and leave me to cry

Did you know then what I had was what doomed me from the start
That my working man’s trousers, neither holed nor soiled
Would pit me against your desires until Eros delayed his return
Until fantasy led my thoughts around romantic lagoons of Europe’s finest
Weeping willows strewn about the well trimmed landscape
Where lovers embraced in subtle corners, lost in speeches
That wore about patience, dressed in each others clothes
I would storm the armed battalion with my bare hands to capture your love!

But passion fuels lust and leads the way to love
It flutters my lovers heart to rhythmic depth of my pride
Folding my lessons over antique rocking chairs in an Easter yellow mood
Roasting the fagot rapidly upon the hearth of my souls intentions
Acting as liaison for my patience’s clock that ticks and tocks
Rolling my vowels into soothing purring that flesh out unwanted consonants
And bring my eyes to reach at your hands that surround the soul of our family
Growing inside the warmth of a mothers tender heart that sings delight today

Popped Collar (day 617)

Panic spreading through my veins
Loosing control that flows over the edge
(Enter night that’s filled with sin)
Creating no good connections
And fire breathing deceptions
(Sideways glances at noises that alert)
Stepping around puddles into night
Loud anger and pure delights
(Popped collar welcomes blithe)

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Into The Void (day 501)

I cannot survive the pressure from these gates
The overwhelming burdens that punch their ways home
Swelling the pride and flattening its life
Conquering all warmth and allowing the cold stone
To slowly pass over my face and creep into my heart

Let the animals ravenously lounge about my body
Torn as it be, healthy as it was, gone is its fate
Let the maggots eat my flesh and sun dry my innards
I have let the cool fates of the jagged edge
Pull at my future promises and lay waste to my hope

Sleepily I make my way forth into the foggy pools
Asking alligators the way through the thin poles
That littler the fog like needles in a pincushion
Motor gently putting along as little ripples trail
With the smell of diesel slowly intensifying

Peace (day 495)

Did you cry when I left you there at the cements edge?
Treading lonely along the gravel paths that flirt with the edges of grass
Sunsets that pull at the hairs on the neck
Old boats that wait at the end of the docks
Did any of this make sense to you when you cleaned out the dust?
I filtered out the crap that flowed through the pipes below the uneven cobblestones
I crawled over the little places that stuck into the darkness like the night
Forgetting about the passenger bags that crawled along the benches
Filling up the pouches of candy that floated about edges of sanity
Greedy lips that worked their magic with pieces of love
Stuffed into greedy cheeks that held their peace with clouds
And then the sun set, and the peace was felt
As the dust trails floated off into the distance

End of the World (day 484)

Love crashes around the lover like a rock filled land
Eerily perched above on the cleft like a bird for prey
Scented with waves, crushed roses, and dead rocks
Even the little flowers that love to live between the edges
Are void of all life, wilted and dead lying on the rocks

This is the end of the world
This is where no man roams
Not even the ugly wenches
Or the moody trolls cursing
Grace this spit with life