To Be Felt (day 2812)

I give you my patience
And it forgets about me
My lingering sadness
Frets about me
And your vision
Shines through another screen
That rectifies no hour
To hold on to you
A moment I cannot see
For you’re silencing me
Drifting, I shall not reward
I shall depart
And this too shall not be felt.

Safety (day 603)

Drifting through the streets of time
I fall over the edges of life
I whisper to the devils wings
That hover close to my leftover bread
I cry when I watch the sun go down
Perfect desperation I can never control
But loosely I dangle the stranglehold
The true release of tension
Between my staunch sober lips
Dragging out time
In a never ending hustle homeward
Perhaps it’s this thought here
That leads me into the bliss
Forgotten in a moments serenity
I’ve left nothing to spare

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