Enslaved (day 2828)

Moral resources grow stronger
The more thy soul does learn
Envision what this destiny
Could look like all around.

For in the skies, no longer streaking
Would be what Heavens divine,
No act of God unspoken for
That lacked full consciousness.

Upon the ground, each footstep taken
Would be of a more focused breadth,
One that swept with kindness, outward
Approaching the day with care.

Amidst the air would be pure waves,
No abstracted vibrations lost in space,
Each word so designed for to reach our neighbour
So kindly thought and presented.

Our eyes would see true meaning
So that no deceit could enter near,
No vagabond, no trickster magician
Could spread fear we didn’t know.

Yet depth amidst our pure resource
Grows weaker every day,
Though we know what kind can create
It falls away: enslaved.

Uncertain (day 2753)

What chance have you brought
Layers of uncertainty
Clouded over in the night sky.
Destiny has never faded
With stars so distracted,
For it’s written on every page
– Dusty letters forbidden –
So you cried until forgiven
Then walked away inside
Just like the night in every sky
Lost in a shooting star

Stillwater (day 2290)

I’ve come to wish I knew just how
Stars looked in your eyes
I sit here in stillwater
Fading off to black.
So linger I shall lay my heart
To open every door
Which has made me holding wishes
Tightly to my destiny
Where my voiceless finds a way
To outperform every day
So that even as thou chose
To taketh thy eyes away
I shall be as a star lit sky
Clearing my night within.

Pocket Watch (day 1490)

I’m starting to lose focus on time,
Like the 99 heading straight to Nowhere.
The capital city of: I’ve never been there.
Anger, danger, regret, strength,
Oblivion in a massive entanglement
Of red arrows and pick up sticks.
There was some antidote
As time slipped it’s age-old
Abbra-cadabra magic betwixt
Reason and murder, holy truth and destiny.
I can’t pass this challenge
Even though my perfect pocket watch
Clicks an even tick at high-noon.
I love, but this is no love.
Entangled with soul and wisdom,
Heartbeat to a slow beat
With loose morals and fast cars,
I’ve come too far to remember
My dotted lines without headlights.
I am not a man.
I’m a ’69 Camero with hot love in the back seat.

Ashram Day 11 (day 1414)

My heart was lost into a sea
Towards a dreadful wind,
To which I did not ever cry
For I was man of steel.
“Why do you leave a stone unturned?”
Was all I’d ever say
To those that came and left again
Without a full intent.
I, the master of destiny,
Plainly as I could see,
Was left again, without a chance,
To linger long in drought;
As a wind can take away,
So can it come to blow.
Here upon my step one day
Sitting there awaiting,
Such a future I could not hold,
A solution I could not see.

Santa’s Merchant (day 1306)

Window shopping down an alley in Hell
The Keeper found one perfect device for all’s demise.
It spoke to him through double paned and tinted glass
Covered with festive snowflakes and cheer.
It sat beside the fat Santa and eight reindeer,
Each one much smaller than Santa himself.
And two cute little stuffed mice that squeaked as he stood there
Calculating and eyeballing the end of it all.
It wasn’t until the merchant smiled
And waved The Keeper on in
That he realized it hadn’t just been him watching in,
But destiny and patience had laid this plan many snowfall ago.
And all he had to do was smile
As the jolly merchant carefully wrapped
The perfect device into an old newspaper
And taped the loose ends together
Before he kindly asked: “Cash or credit, Keeper?”

Galaxy Spins (day 849)

Join me as we sweep the shores of life
Fill our thoughts with the echoing moonlight
Walking its way along the banks of serenity

Hold my hand as we swim the warm fall water
Echoing through surrounding mountains
Full of heaven on earth, of sweet Gaia
Sparing her nectar amongst our naked bodies

Share with me as I delight in the stars
Dreams forever entangling our horoscopes
Tightly as the galaxy spins us ’round

Surrender as we bolden our destiny
Enriching its gay step with fruitful love
Eternities gates mobile as we proceed
Into bliss known to all as rapture