Tall and Proud (day 917)

And into the hills I plunge my sword;
A ghastly and devilish sharpened thing
To ward off the demons of ghoulish sorts
That steal the plains of peaceful dusk
And mock the winds like cackling hens

Where do you want my heroes badge?
Shall it grace my green lapel upon
My suit of honor, ragged and dry?
I came here with a confident grin,
Now leaving I shall gaily step

For with my savagery, my valor, I’ve done
What no man here had done before;
Rid these lands from evil plague
That held your heads towards the sky
In search of reasons, and a warning sign

Though, while my road may long become
Legends of I grow tall and proud
A hero here, a myth there,
A legend told by fire lit, aye
Maturing ears of eager years

So if you come against the rush,
Some words of our heroes tests.
Will you encourage the legend on?
Trace it’s depths to the devils grasp,
Then onward ho! Triumph.

History Sleeps (day 688)

And your swords
Heel’t by the pressures of oath
Forcing thought from mind
Into duty, sworn and bred


It is here where deceit grows
Amongst the cobwebs of freedom
Faith of the free
Growing dissonance


But straightened backs
And freshly pressed regalia
Adorned with pride and service
Calm thy boiling blood


Hindered with loathe
Confidants biding their time
In halls of betrayal
Seething with ego

Unnatural betrayal hidden
Behind blind eyes of service
Suckling the easy tit of


While memories float frequently
Between graying hairs
And balding victories
Scavenging the lands of truth

Relying on honor
A choice and a path
Not a reason or calling
But inward honesty


Though demons fight unceasingly
Through hushed dark corridors
Escape routes of the squeamish
Icicles of setting winter


Until the end remains clear
Ancient avenues of chestnut trees
Above the family crypt
History sleeps as change begins

Demons (day 531)

Demons lurching and prowling at the innards tormenting
Disastrous thoughts compelling every movement
Keeping all personal compassion idle by unnecessary woes
Claws tearing away the fine layers of conscience
Robed with a hundred years of torment, tied at the waist

All without a yelp of terror
All in good time of faith does the burden remain
All for the surviving factions of purveyors

I have dreamed of this day
Written down in my books of faith
That record my weakest of thoughts
Together with my wisdom once preached
And demons; I have drawn your soured skin
Your scales with hair
Claws and beaks searching for the deepest dagger
Tentacles, wings, horns, and whipping tales
Growling teeth and pointed ears

Patiently awaiting this demise
There will be no more pain
The sins I demolish with faith
For tomorrow I shall rise
Without the gates of hell beckoning me
And peace will fall
Amongst the villains and saints

1480-1490 – Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons by Martin Schongauer

This is Destruction (day 460)

As Angels swoop down and cover the ground with dust from their wings
The Titans throw up their tridents and glare
The masters of ceremony reach up high and come crashing down
With wild notes the orchestra shudders to remember
And clouds raised up in the skies above
They shout wild accusations at one another
The Giants that hold them there at bay
Laugh hearty laughs and set them free
Dragons that come from far and wide
To side with conspirators, war with foes
The Demons crawl up through the holes in the earth
Blazing with fire and daggers in their eyes
They battle with no one, against all
This is destruction, where we all shall fall

Clarity (day 439)

And then as the hope was still stretching high
Like the demons that grab at ankles as night enters
When all of the stars were close at hand
Right then was the point at which the oldest memory flickered clear
The sensation regained and fluttered a moment
Pushing and pulling at the strings that cannot stretch
Yearning for the attention that has forever been
In a moment of lost consciousness that lurches forth
Just as the impending doom seats the fate of hate
Eyes flickered and rolled backwards into a lost realm
Just then was the moment that clarity didn’t matter

Dragons (day 377)

The confusion seeps in like a dagger through the heart
What’s the way out of this circular box?
The dragons they fly above in this night sky
With the demons that drag down this night’s sky high
The backlash of supernova reaches my spine
The acceleration has passed me; left me to die

Tomorrow I shall wake with a hangover to cure
The sadness won’t hit me until I step out the door
Lights, bright lights will tame my wild soul
While dragons will wait, night’s fall won’t be long
And in the moment when everything flashes again
I will stand tall and proud with a dagger in my heart
I will ride the tricked out pony and chase the magic hare