Sunset (day 620)

Passion filled the sunset that night
Bursting out of control in the sky
Rupturing from the heavens onto earth
And splashing the vista with brilliance

Glory that struck the landscape
With curls around every tree
Silhouetted every rock
And painted every glass walled tower

Before the flag was sent skyward
Hue shifted into darkness
The sun rode on into tomorrow
And night grew eternal long

Peace (day 495)

Did you cry when I left you there at the cements edge?
Treading lonely along the gravel paths that flirt with the edges of grass
Sunsets that pull at the hairs on the neck
Old boats that wait at the end of the docks
Did any of this make sense to you when you cleaned out the dust?
I filtered out the crap that flowed through the pipes below the uneven cobblestones
I crawled over the little places that stuck into the darkness like the night
Forgetting about the passenger bags that crawled along the benches
Filling up the pouches of candy that floated about edges of sanity
Greedy lips that worked their magic with pieces of love
Stuffed into greedy cheeks that held their peace with clouds
And then the sun set, and the peace was felt
As the dust trails floated off into the distance

Waste of Time (day 191)

Do you think I’d let your mind roam around
Like the freedom of thought in the darkness?

Awake late at night with the creeks creeping in
A sultry Satan grows tall at this hour

Divine interplay, devise other ways
Don’t walk away from the truth of the matter

Lyrical mythicist, heavenly temptress
My eyes are on you all day through

No matter how long I spend at this daunt
No translucent luminescence is consumed

Which leads me to believe,
In spite all my grief
I’ve needlessly felt and consumed

An Un-Ending Walk (day 72)

I walk alone deep into the darkness
Wondering thoughts to fresh to come out
To sensitive to be asked
Can we witness an escape?
An alternate pleasure?

I know the answers, deep down inside
They caress my soul amongst wombats and wizards
But like the un-ending tunnel
I’m not sure which way is out
Have I gone on to far?