Goodnight (day 2588)

Can you cry to me goodnight
Tears so full of joy
A willow waves at evening crickets
My heart so free, ablaze.

When I hear the sorcerer,
Feel unprescedented pull,
When I feel a memory
Fade to unwanted noise.

Not lost, thought my feet grapple
At each root they meet
Tenderly I step my way
Back to say goodnight.

Rivers Edge (day 476)

Camping along the rivers banks here allows my stars to shine like they have been powered from an altruistic source ready for the dreams that spend their life projecting

The crickets and frogs that enliven my ears with a symphony of random harmony makes the words learned have neither meaning nor maestro, water trickles by ceaselessly

With the cool breeze of the grass that robs my still thoughts of all of their listlessness, fighting the wee little shivers that invite the goosebumps to pour sexual droplets of romance over my body

It is here that there is no need for per-conceived notions of what is and what shall come to pass, Here is the land for dreams and dreams and dreams and more dreams

Do you know this? Do you understand the power in the stars up above on a clear evenings shine as you lie amongst the longer wisps of grass that share soil with wild flowers?

Crickets (day 282)

Did the cool wind die
That old summers night
As the crickets croaked
And the bugs bit

We sang for a while
Like we were living in a space
Where we didn’t care
For the silence around

In truth, it made it hurt more
It made the sadness gather storm
It made the songs all have meanings
It made the end loom in the twilight hours

But it was all for the better
I realize that now
I have accepted that fact
Like so many others since