Great Gong (day 3101)

But the Cowboys shared song
And the Wrestlers argued
But sat in Lotus pose
For Buddha’s great gong
And the Dope Smokers relaxed
In a cloudy haze
Frozen by mysteries
No Mortal Man could comprehend
And Ballerinas spun
Till the Moon sang to the Sun
Letting tears fall
From the closing blinds
And Jugglers threw balls
Higher than before
Not missing a beat
Not dropping the heat
And Snowmen melted
Because Snowwomen were hot
Like perrywinkle tea
And Bus Drivers slowed down
For the yellow crossing sign
Said Children
And the Taxi Drivers sped up
Because their Patrons
Demanded it
And the Stars sang goodnight
In their twinkling light
As the Moon crept along
With the sound of great gong.

Wu Wei (day 1064)

Twilight healed the leftover tea cups
Sitting idle in the still,
A charm that’s still gathering in asleep corners
Of those bright eyes, closed.

There’s no shame here this morning.
There’s nothing awkward about our knowledge.
There’s bowls full of porridge.

Gandhi and Buddha would be proud.
Krishna Murti would not cry.
Dawson City will find everlasting sun,
and Paradise exists, wu wei.

To which we drive on,
Into another moment in time,
Which will come to change us
As sleep refreshes and food fills.