Free (day 1686)

I’m a bad accident,
You were never meant
To lean into me.
You laid out your blueish veins
And fed everything into me.

Holy, make me free.
Holy, make me free.

You’ll never guess my heart alive,
A system slowly diving
And leaving trails as
Little fetters heave
And break away.

Holy, come and make me free.
Holy, make me free again.

Saving Grace (day 1441)

Movement arts can break my heart
Shifting me forever more,
Until sun comes to warm my fun
With a source of everlasting.
But even then, in spite my reign,
I spit out glowing embers
That shatter reason and
Break peaceful truths,
Leaving the middle road
A piece of saving grace
I dare not tread to lightly.

Waiting, Awaiting (day 715)

It’s ok if you sit there
Silently waiting for an answer
I won’t say anything to break
What serenity you seem to have
For if I were to make you
A victim of my retort
I fear I would then turn you
Against your finest consort
And that, much to my disliking
Would cause me quite some trouble
Since it’s clear it’s me to blame
For this new tragedy at hand
I feel if I were to speak now
It’d be me head on a stake
So I will sit here smug like
While you quizzically
Throw me glances
And carry on habitually
Awaiting another encounter

Break in the Day (day 109)

Sun that’s hotter than a well used oven
With young faces that are nervously wonderin’
Alerted by the slightest disturbance

But me, I still look for an empty corner
Away from the clamoring multitudes over
My fate sits fixed as is my countenance

Waiting sit I as I wander nearer
Playing with the time waiting for the bearer
Maybe we all feel this sustenance