Fame (day 2775)

I’ve soaked my shoes in two cans of kerosene
Waiting for sunset so I can feed you
I don’t think the birds have smelt it yet
But when they do, when they fly high
When the sky is soaked with iridescence
And midnight remembers no names
I shall let the match to every hallow
That dares claim my name to fame.

Misty Boughs (day 2258)

You, a burning flame did grow
Dancing with the morning fog
Shake the dew that left birds in
A maze of ribbons and boughs.
A colour ran straight down from
Each gap of the misty morn
Tingled each dancing toe
O’er the wild grassy knoll.
Whence the house came peeking through
Ominous black set back in fog
Home at last to elm pews
Shaggy black goat on the road.

Downhill (day 1260)

Sweating with a heavy breath
From the hill I had just climbed,
I circled the fourtyfive spouted fountain
Spitting mist like Niagara Falls
On my bicycle gliding silently
To observe, round and round as I went,
I was watched by more than just sweet little birds.
For, at every post there was a valiant sentinel
Eying me as I passed,
Who saluted on the hour every hour
To lords I had never met,
Captains of yesterday
Whose presence was lingering
In the shiny shackles about their vests.
And in my ignorance I sped away,
For my whole route,
From whence I had just come,
Was downhill the whole way!

I’m Sorry (day 786)

I’m sorry for wishing upon a star
I’m sorry for shading in my grays
I’m sorry for holding my glass half full
I’m sorry for not wearing socks
I’m sorry for listening to birds
I’m sorry for squeezing my hugs tight
I’m sorry for singing in the rain
I’m sorry for dancing you around in circles
I’m sorry for laughing at the jokes
I’m sorry for whispering into winds
I’m sorry for handling the hot dishes
I’m sorry for opening your door
I’m sorry for carrying the heavy stuff
I’m sorry for kissing you under that old oak
I’m sorry for making you tea

Anderson the Tender and Marianda Hamphretta Dalsento (day 753)

Mom, will I ever be able to fly?
-no dear, you do not have any wings
But, you can climb better than any bird

Mom, will I ever learn to sing a song?
-no dear, not like the birds that you hear
But, sounds you can make is music to my ears

Mom, are we really the devil’s animal?
-no dear, not anything near to it
But, it will do you good to be cautious of your ways

Mom, will I ever become bad and devil like?
-no dear, you’re heart will always be where you place it
But, that is not to say you can not become

Mom, will this tree always be our home?
-no dear, humans will cut these trees soon
But, we will move on and build a new home

Mom, will I always stay this small?
-no dear, you will grow up to be a very fine sloth
But, you must remember to eat your vegetables to ensure it

Mom, can we stay here for a while?
-yes dear, I like it just where we are


Anderson and Marianda can be purchased here.

Garden of Eden (day 742)

Float my soul into the Garden of Eden
Mingling with leaves and bountiful trees
Mocking birds perched upon low hanging branches
Romancing me, graceful as I go
Hovering about the top leaves, I
Choicest of fruits sit proud as I browse

Shifting my wind to float down to sin
Dangling my toes in the faces of maidens
Fair skinned maidens with light saris
Giggling at gurgling water flowing by
Lapping amongst their dangling limbs

They acknowledged me with eyes of fair maidens
Playful touching that aroused my desire
I put forth my thoughts to spellbound their minds
Crazy they gathered with worship and laughter
Sacrificed a lamb for love to come faster
Drums led the way into evenings warm prayer

I curled up my soul into a land finely woven
Light summer breeze blew hanging silk fabrics
Sweet Nag Champa floating through our essence
Turning us on our backs to gaze up in wonder
Moans and groans and giggling and laughter
Pillows upon pillows; pillows galore

Candles were lit as lips were nipped
Fruits from the garden, picked and dipped
Light finely wovens covering our perspiring bodies
Naked as the night stars shining upon us
In Garden of Eden and it’s ten thousand sins

Try Again (day 738)

You cannot win every day you try
You cannot lose every day either
You cannot fly among the birds
Without walking among the worms

You cannot begin to know it all
You cannot learn without advice
You cannot grow without a breath
Of inward, deep, and conscious thought

You cannot smell the flowers in winter
You cannot speed the times of seasons
You cannot walk amongst the trees
Without a path to lead you forth

You cannot love without a love
You cannot hope without a dream
You cannot be without a seat
You cannot cry without a smile

But in the end it pulls us in
We wrap around and believe within
A lasting hug, some tea to share
You and me as we try again

Two Birds and a Beating Heart (day 719)

I haven’t slept since we parted
Open ended and unfinished
Sing songs of little birds call out
Leaving my thoughts rolling in empty sheets
Sheets of the same smell I left
On the pillows of your boudoir afar
But as I silently feel my heartbeat
Pushing numb feelings about the room
I whisper my mantra without hesitation
Embracing the morning sun as it warms my soul
While I stretch my limbs
Opening up my heart for another day

Summer Fun (day 708)

Today’s a new day
Birds on my way
Around in the park
Amidst old fallen bark

I walk for my health
Native American stealth
Dipping and dashing
Jumping and splashing

Warm weather’s blowing
Gone is the snowing
Green shoots are showing
Life begins glowing

Where naked the trees
In cool winter’s breeze
Soon shall be covered
Green nature’s sheltered

Yellow shifts away
Natural aging and decay
Spring change has begun
Anticipate summer fun!