On A Horse (day 3045)

From there I watched her on her horse
(I watched her trot around)
So deeply connected I knew I saw
Trust understanding more.
It was an outcrop
In the mountainside;
A landscape so proud,
So rocky and full of trees
That made each step a wonder of
Landscape yet unseen.
My eager eyes
That watched her go
They called after her then,
For one day we dreamed would be
The day she’d come to me.
Through the trees
She came and went
Beyond and within my sight,
Until, sweat upon her mane,
She rested at a pond
That croaked and chirped and gurgled too
Just as night’s crickets do,
And then at once
Off she went
A horse and she who knew.

A Poem For the Pretty Girl to Fly By (day 773)

It’s not long now before you go; wings spread open wide
Lifted from your feet and swept through blue skies aside
Over hills and deep ravines shall you soar a graceful glide
For all the while, as love and life be with you by your side
Gremlins and their evil minions will run away and hide
Leaving gone, far be gone, like retreating oceans tide
Oppressions game, an evil name, laid down to end it’s ride
And off and off, up, away, beyond, gone away it slide
Peace become up high so far, to life that’s open up so wide

Books (day 205)

Amongst other things
Seems to drag my daylight hours down
Like the needle fighting the yarn
Spindles through the gates
Shave me again dear lover

Lowers the daylight hours to a mere glimpse
Cowering in softened corners
Fed time by foreign oils and secret spells
Wizards walk here
Beneath and amongst

Covering the distance with speed
I’ve not seen coming from these here limbs
Since the rain washed away the sense
Built up in evanescence
Oh sigh, long lost love
Beyond all ropes of length

Close books
Fight doors
Leave bores
Slam whores
Eat smores