A Hand Shake (day 807)

I’ve been the leftover
The gimme-gimme gone
Got you by the balls in the halls

Give it or not
Lost, blown in the end
A dream or a thought
Give it away, give it away, give it away

Now drop.
Let the groove hold your hands
Flow through the night
Through the eyes and the eyes of the eyes; high

See me, see the glow in these these
See the chance
Buckets fallin’ under heavy, heavy
Drops of pure bloods truth

I’m havin’ attacks
Straight to the heart
Like a shak-a-shak-a-shak
Bare chested at the moon, OWWWW

So it’s the way that we love
It’s the get it, get it
Get it all packed in the black Jones tall
Lost souls holding out

My bodies been around
Shuffled down long gray gray walls
I’ve been the guilt, the reconcile

But I’ve learned you are the shift
The give it t’me, give it t’me
Give it t’me with leftovers
Drop. You’re here

[note: best read at 91BPM]

Inhale (day 35)

Slightly zoned, half inebriated
Focusing steadily on things not on my mind
Faking, because there is nothing there
Alone if the air is clear

I’ll sit and stare
I’ll sit and stare

Whispering loudly into your un-hearing ear
Words of laughter, only one of us will get
That’s ok, I’m having a good time
Out here with the buzzing bees

Dancing slowly
Dancing slowly

A burst, a gust, a breath, an inhale
All for no reason, for no one shall fail
No one shall lose, and no one shall win
We shall all collapse in the same un-bathed sin

Whirl my soul
Whirl my soul

Sweeping and groping and laughing and falling
Stumbling in arms specifically made for this moment
A ruckus erupts from beneath the floor
Aggressively leaping into the arms of my lost lover

Lonely I walk
Lonely I walk

I’ve seen this road before
Lazily I’m stumbling with stern conviction
Homeward bound with passive addiction
At last the bed, inviting swirling apparitions.