Settling Sun (day 546)

I lifted the covers and stared down below
A dream opened up, clearly it glowed
Gothic topped houses with friendly animals
Hovering around the edges of the kept lawn
A sincerely perfected landscape

Clouds morphing in the winds
In which beautiful animals blossomed
Spread out, before my eyes
As I peered under the covers
Amazed at what I did see

I thought for a while
At the glory that did be
Who brought on the sunshine
Who let in the rain and
Just like that it dawned upon me

I built up a fortress underneath where I sleep
Sentinels awaiting orders and messengers at my call
A kingdom opened up in front as I gazed
Then I smiled to myself as I looked to my left
It was a beautiful maiden, a lover just for me!

Unpacking our picnic amongst the friendly little trees
We sat right down on checkered covered cloth
Wine un-corked, not spilling a drop
Laid back we were in pure summers bliss
As the sun settled down we drifted to sleep

Below (day 312)

Today I bore the mark of a sinner
I walked alone and stared down the sun
Loaded pistols and switchblades
I left the house of the holy and
Walked through the dungeon of sin

Chains and clasps there littered the walls
Cold and uneven cementing
Picked at by years of torture;
I slept on these floors while I made love
To the angels that floated down from above

Glassy ponds sink dark inside
Uncharted landscape brewing deep below
The art of deception lies in the sheer
The reflection staring out from below
The dormant eyes that call out aloud