Palms (day 3204)

What brings the soul of a man
Deep within the palm of his hand?
For I have seen two men astray
Neither I tried to save.
In the grace of our Gods
We stand before each war we fought
Did we strike the hammer strong
Or lose out before our lungs
Belted loud our souls devout.
Have I faced the pain inside?
Did I let my body cry?
Was it I who charged ahead
Though each wind spoke up in dread?
Tell me sweetly in my good ear
Was I faithful to each your dream
Can I be the trusted man
Of your every step?
For I hold my palms open
To feel the warmth of every day
I have spoken out your name
In hopes it leads my heart so true
And if it shall bring my life astray
May I be the man to say
My palms are wet.

Lessons From A Dock (day 480)

In all the searching of the world
Be honest with your soul
Let the cool countenance
Of the end
Smooth your hearts desires

In all the roads that lead astray
Follow the path least traveled
Make the route that you take
On and away
The route that cheers your heart

Of all the steps that you take
Make the next one always count
Allow the guise of winter’s clarity
Deep in frost
Be far away from thine bane

In all the waters that clean your mood
Away be thy dust and grime
Mind the skin that soaks within
On the thumb
Be a warning of what is too long