Green and Busy (day 1241)

It’s bewildering how all the
Little kids are dressed in green.
They’re wearing foreign flags and
Scrambling about in some kind of
Scatterbug formation.
It makes me think of the years I spent in ‘Nam.
– And coincidentally a delicious restaurant
Round the corner from here.
Chopsticks between eyes and arrows
And fabrics that tell me not to bring these new habits home.
I’m watching them with curiosity, the kids,
As they make their way about the grounds
Busier than all the ants of the world.
Hands flailing in some random forms of symmetry
That builds to an ecstatic culminations of sorts.
And then I get busy and pants with arrows pointing South
Cross my paths leaving home-job manicured
French poodles pissing about,
Confusing the tiny combat warriors.

Summer Nolstalgia (day 40)

Wide awake at home, clouds looming dangerously
Hawks are circling and the crows are pecking
Music is a rolling and my heart is beating
Landscape rises and shrinks into the distance
Lazily cars monotonously roll by characteristically
Ants crawl over, bugs hope amongst my arms and clothes
Sun spits it’s piercing rays through small windows of opportunities

And the smell, oh the smell
The smell reminds me of every summer before
Where stars came out in warmth
Lawn mowers clipped the silence with their destructive menace
Bees buzz lazily through pollinated colours of transfixing floral glory
While the barbeque crankily resists the easy start
But happily searing the meaty part

And everyone smiles