Angels Without Matches and a Number For My Name (day 1088)

So undetermined angels
That hadn’t written down my name
Asked me for a light
Which I hadn’t one to share.
But you know, as they were Angels
It wasn’t smart to tell a lie.
But I had this itching habit
I couldn’t shake though I tried.

The angels looked at me strangely,
My eyes right back at them
With eyebrows quickly twitching
Like two forgotten nuns at prayer.
You could tell they weren’t impressed
By the color of my hair
For I had turned it over
Like my favorite forty five
That had recently been spinning
On my hi-fi stereo.

The one said, “Mister look here
Though we don’t look like much,
From battle we have come,
You can see we have our wings
Floating elegantly behind.”
I said: “yeh sure man, I see them there behind.
But I think that you’re confusin’
That I might be someone else,
For I’ve got some pretty faces
Expecting me to come back home.
I mean you both no harm,
You can understand my duress.
But I’m going to pay the cover
And say all my goodbyes.”

So they looked each other over
To decide just what to do.
I picked up my old envelope
With all I had to ever offer.
They handed me some matches
With a number snuck inside
One that I’ve never called
And I hope never see again.

They Have Got Me (day 1013)

I have got angels.
They dance around naked with long blonde locks
And sing amongst each other banging a drum.
Whenever I stand up to join the chorus
They stop and they wonder and stare at me lost;
It’s not a ‘what the hell is he doing’ stare,
But a ‘caught in the crossfire of beauty’ look.
They tell me my voice is why they stay
Dancing around here, naked as they play.
I have no reason to not believe my angels
For when I am lonely, they are my commitment.
They are what brushes past my face after tears flow,
They are what flickers in my early morning eyes,
They are the cinnamon spicing my sauce,
They are what smooths my sleepy brow out.
My angels cannot do me wrong.
No matter what song perches about their supple lips,
Their fingers dance nimbly through the air.
When they dream of things I cannot yet see,
Their drum echoes through my heart
And I imagine that I can indeed see their spells,
– Woven upon me so tight –
And I hear even in daylight they’re not far away.
When I begin dancing, when I share their dream,
I know I have got angels, and they have got me.

Makin Rhyme (day 814)

Shake my sugar
My gloved thing
In moonlight
It’s a good thing
It’s been alright
Oh my dear thing

Cause it’s a 1-2-3
Shake it down some
Make rhythm


Baby you’re all fine
Sugar and rhyme
You pull roses from hearts crest
You pull angels from heavens nest
Your big bad ways unknown to man
You drag hearts round
You make loud sound

You’ve heard words
That ain’t mine
You lift pity hurts
Until blind bursts shatter loudly
You’ve pushed bad songs
Until rhythm equals dirt
Slung guns with the bad crew
And left daddy with a wide grin

Been there, you know
I’ve hustled in bad times
When there ain’t a living
You’ve got nothing baby
Like it ain’t hurt
You ain’t nothing baby
Like it ain’t hurt

Truth is
It’s a good thing
Prophecy will manifest
Like good goblins
In the blackness
Or Michael Jackson
And a leather vest
It ain’t lies
It’s like a holocaust
Evil gone
And the good all left
Broken gods
Relaxing on the river’s edge

It’s alright
I’m a gentle touch
I’ve got it down
Sugar and sweet
I’m a gentle touch
You know baby
I’m a gentle touch

Now no break
Can penetrate
Can permeate
This fine skin
Through these eyes
Cause you’re a bad seed
Through these eyes
You’re never wrong

Miss Flower Light (day 665)

Oh my stars and heavenly angels
I’ve fluttered down to delightful petals
Can you match my imagination in colour?
The garden, it’s fresh
Spilling over onto grass
Roaming over mountains
With one tiny seedling
And filling our noses
Of such sweet sweet nectar
Harvested in spells so thick
Even sunshine pauses here a while
With daisies, and pansies
Tulips and violets
Poppeys and bleeding hearts
Such beautiful glory
For my days on this earth
Every day filled with laughter
Tickling my nose and
Infecting my colour
Spreading my wings
As I take dizzied flight
Lost in such intoxication
That float me on
Into the day of love
Oh my stars and heavenly angels

aButterflyMiss Flower can be purchased here.

Collected Arrows (day 660)

I heard your voice today as it wrung out loud
Sparkling and shining across houndreds of miles
It’s not easy when some angels don’t fly
Long arrows and guided love notes fight perils
But even then days stretch out long
Placing delay at the tip of our tongues
Panic at times as we weave back and forth
Amongst little pillars and settled sailors;
Gamblers on the open world of fortune
Bottle in one hand, out the door with the other
Don’t cry, it wont come easy
[Don’t worry, your voice will be my guiding savior]
So pass love notes with rising vigor
And let the angels wisdom sweep over
Your eyes, your demeanor
Hour heart can rest here a while
With bundles of these collected arrows

Shifting Recollections (day 651)

Guess my gold and what all that I am worth
With these eyes that tell old stories
Through wordless reminders of the past

Desire nothing, save for future
And present fades away to blackened stars
I couldn’t have forgot the tired distance
Though my heart loudly telling me it’s flat

And from there my angels come crawling out
Into the gold seats I lay out in front
Of the words I spread with blood so thick
While today’s past, present, and future
Shifts hues and recollects artifacts

Inside of There (day 643)

I see wizards
With hazardous potions
I see angels
To mindless pebbles
And rustling up darkness
Digging deep down inside
Like leather bound bikers
Full of anger
Peddling motionless
Save small nods of the head

I see guard dogs
To harvesting trees
I see trimmed hedges
Like lingering strangers
Passing through the darkness
That creeps along
The side of the house
Brightly coloured daisies

I see chains
Back and forth and stairs
I see widows
Standing in the doorway
Holding a straw broom
Blue and white checkered apron
And a tight bun
Holding in gray
And many years of
Deep isolation

Hallow’d be Thy Casting Stone (day 633)

Love crawled away
And I said safe
Time stretched our touches
And I said delay

Why don’t soldiers of fortune
Get the last wrecking ball
Make last what you love, man
Make last what you love

Perhaps bothered angels
Floated down to touch sin
Leftover madness
Is tomorrow head’n in

Bothered be laughter
Set out in stone
Hallow’d be thy casting stone
Full may its splash be charged

Let Go Now (day 499)

Your poems that crisscross across the edges of my face
Make me feel like the angels have descended
Deep down within the glory hold of the champions heart
Sweet songs emanate out from the edges of sanity
Calling me closer to swim amongst the water lilies
The pond grows thin here, shallow waters and bright reflections

But along the other edges of my face
I see the enemy that crawls slowly closer
I remind him of the fortune that seeps down the drain
While I wash my face in the mornings hour

Now here, like the lost words of a lovers sweet embrace
Like the tiny footsteps that makeup the dust paths across the desert
I fall carelessly in pattern as I saunter along this path
I let the slow beds spoil their innocent laughter
With hands touching hands, faces touching faces

Elbows coming inwards in a bitter withdrawal
Like ghosts that see their reflection one last time
All too short and all to sweet and all too massive
Nobody can really understand that which hasn’t been told
We all feel from within the distance that doesn’t lay the crackers down
Little paths to find their way home after the soldier has been caught

Sing now in the morning of the next phase of life
Sing now as the passive monsters blow out the landscape: serene
Sing along thy empty beaches as they float on home towards the setting sun
Sing on now for the ones that hold their hands out in mercy

Crying after the last golden rays escape the tired pillow’s eyes
Holding onto the blankets that will not let go now