Pegasus and Andromeda (day 2645)

Pegasus and Andromeda
Went looking for Capricornus,
Ran into Lacerta, who said
Cassiopeia is sure to know
She said: “Find your way to Drako,
The all knowing wise Drako,
Who might grant you a wish to
Ride on through Ursa Major
But if you’re lucky you will find
A savior in Booates
Who shall take you past Hercules.”
As a final tiding, she whispered:
“It’s always wise to spend the night,
With Corona Borealis
Such comforting, such lovely friend,
Stay the night eith her.”
So Pegasus and Andromeda
Went along their way
Found a friend in Drako
Who left them with Serpens Caput
A kind and elder Serpens
Fed them both some tea they drank.
Not so nice was Sagittarius
Whom they bypassed with Aquila
Who gave them the wise tip that if
They found their way to Cygnus,
To turn immediately to the left
And there they were sure to find
Their friend they had been so long for
Capricornus of the long legs.
So as they came upon the home
Of thou so long searched for
To their surprise
Their other close friend
Aquarius was there as well,
All four sat down
For a warm tea
– Lively chat ensued –
And when Pisces knocked
They all got up
Cordial tidings were not wasted but spent
And all five companions
Sat down together
Over hot tea and home made biscuits.

Summer’s Warming (day 2582)

I saw your presence in the stars
Pegasus and Andromeda
I saw your sweet eyes make their way
From Daisy to Burdock root
In long grass, hopping to and fro,
I watched my heart chase yours
Like a grasshooper of such pleasure
Summer’s radiance warming so
And of a Poplar blowing in the wind
I watched you walking through
Back and forth across the field
Exploring what I’m forever yearning.

Perseus (day 1640)

Perseus, Perseus, son of god Zeus
No other then him slayed Gorgon: Medusa.
Sent by the King of Serifos, Polydectes,
Who, by way of riddance could pursue his dear mother,
Danae, Danae, poor daughter and victim
An Oracle’s fear for a grandson’s the killer.
Though as time would challenge
Young Perseus returned victor
Only to see Danae again prisoner!
Polydectes of Serifos no longer of throne,
Beat by dead eyes of Gorgon, Medusa.
Atlas to stone, a Titan’s burden relief.
Andromeda, Andromeda, sea faring Andromeda,
We long for your passage and fear for your voyage.
At long last at sea, a battle with sea monster,
A mortal to save you? Hardly be thy Princess’s call,
For Perseus put to stone the sea monster assail,
And long ever after, Perseus and Andromeda
King and Queen of Serifos
Eternally shining nightly.