Sweet Nothings (day 1746)

I can’t take,
No. More.
I don’t want to take
Bitter trivialities
Into Madness
Cloaking an angelic voice
Like fog that rolls
About my brain
Before I’ve uncovered
Melancholy feelings
Resting just below
Its surface,
Reeling in abysmal horror
As toxins begin
To take to my veins
And surround my insight
With sweet nothings.

Push (day 649)

An infinite change to alter what’s guttural
A push forth to filter substantial
Harmony to mystically float abysmal
Up, up and away into the supernatural
Be gone, be off, be far away and impartial
Leaving life itself here in actual
Space and time, compounded with natural
Phenomenons, ordinary existential
Places of habitation and practical
Reality that grows into love after all