The King of the Safari (day 157)

Wild wildebeests join formation
Crush the dust under panic’d hooves
Leave the grassland for the hole
Snort and grunt, territorial games

The zebras, like the wildebeests
In their striped uniforms
And rebellious mane, graze
The wild grasslands they graze

Vultures, with their crooked necks
Search the landscape, far and wide
For fresh kills, or hungry lions
With them follow smaller scavengers

The elephants, in their scattered herds
With the cutest young
Spray themselves, in the hot noon sun
Or roll, roll around in the mud

When the trees are green
We find the giraffes, tall and lean
Searching the top branches
For the choicest of leaves

The king of the safari, we all know
Roars the loudest in his territory
Claims his space, claims his clan
Guards his disciples from a shady grove

Of Squirrels and a Lover (day 156)

Decadent ritual of un-fretted glory
Somersaults and candles and baskets with lunches
Bubble baths and grass and glasses of wine
Seize the day, give not to thine fear

Wallowing in glory with squirrels and a lover
Smelling the air of lightly scented allure
Pretending to care the feathers aren’t ruffled
Knowing better than the vultures circling

The game is your own
The bat is a slugger
The ball isn’t greased
And the pitcher’s on change-up

Lay low, dear lover
Lay high, dear moon
Stay long dear lover
Stay bright, dear moon

Two Lovers (day 154)

Late at night; the hue hung around
Two lovers stood transfixed and poised
Naked to their eyes, car honks of agreement
Two lovers stand gazing and aroused

The stretch was done and the food all gone
Two lovers made their way to each other
Stop signs and eager minds
Two lovers make friends with their lips

Rock and roll, with disregard
Two lovers find room in back seats
Car boots, and door steps
Two lovers find the night far too short

In From The Rain (day 153)

Excuse me as I step in here a minute
Take my mind away, my load off
Shake loose this gripping cold
Retreat from this drenching wind

My, is that a copy of the paper?
Oh, it’s a very nice warmth in this room
I’ll take a tea please
If you don’t mind, a scone too please

Well, this was nice
I had a great stay
The tea was good
And the scone was as I’d hoped

But, as all good things
Must come to an end
So must I depart
And brave this dreadful weather

Dear Lover (day 151)

Determined and passionate
Hopeless, without regret

Dear lover
Remind me of my life tonight
Remind me of why I matter

Escaping the wrath
Of uncontrolled banter

Dear lover
Remind me of my life tonight
Remind me of why I matter

Shooting the breeze
Cocktail and harmony

Dear lover
Remind me of my life tonight
Remind me that we can

Been Looking (day 150)

Where have you been, love?
I’ve been looking around
I’ve seen your last tracks
But never you’re found

I’ve asked friends and family
I’ve asked brothers and sisters
I’ve asked teachers and doctors
I’ve asked long lost lovers

Where have you been, love?
I’ve been looking around
I have memories to build here
With empty spaces to fill

Project Status (day 149)

Cool, cool, cool, cool
I like that, that works for me
But no, lets not do that
That’s no good for me
We’ll forget we mentioned that

Did you remember about this?
I was thinking we should add that..
Can you please send me an email update
What’s your ETA on completing the algorithm?

We’re getting close to the deadline
I’m not sure we should waste our time on that
I’ve thought of this, but decided with that
I can’t make that work, so we’ll put that in the bugs
And that, yeh, that’s a problem

Edit, redraft, update, edit
Can you please put together section 2 for me
I’ve gone ahead and made the changes
It should be good to go now