All In A Day (day 78)

Beads of sun break through this holy day
Glistening everything it hits, including my weathered desk
Plants scream out for more, reaching out with reckless abandon
And the flies all attempt to break free through the stained glass
Leaving their motionless debris scattered along the ledge
Meanwhile, deep in the distance
The blinding sun races it’s distance
Breaking through and burning any who dare impede it’s travel
And the morning cries
Like a loose canon that’s locked and loaded
Throwing tantrums at the glistening grass
Ready to dry with the midday sun
“Collapse” say the trees, your time will return very soon
Spreading wider to bask in the newly angled rays
Slowly spreading further into the distance
And graying with distance that hasn’t yet decided
Which angle it likes best
For night begins to roll the skies into brilliant spectrums
But throws it’s shadows like passing butterflies
Quietly and silently and at times omnipresent
And for the love of it all
The morning waits its turn in line
While noon pouts a silent whimper
Evening spreads out a blanket with some nice wine
And cooly entertains the fleeting thoughts of the moon

Waiting at the Ready (day 77)

A cool glove wrestles my eyes shut
Demanding I throw my caution to the wind
Relapse into my nightly routine of unconscious drabble
But ho! I keep a steady battle against the dusty cowboys
Distinction holds the gun against my belt
And loose gravel ties my soul along my throat
Ready to burst at the onset of a tremor
Ready to gush at the first sight of a lover

And then, like the silently sweeping motions of the clouds
A calm rustles amongst the trees of my scalp
Allowing me to enjoy, for just a brief moment
The endless summers of Eldorado
But just as clouds soon change shape and disperse
The thought swiftly leaves the action
Leaving my yearning soul back in the game
Pistol in hand, this is going to be a dirty one

Should I? (day 76)

I’m crying here late at night
With nothing to lose
No self esteem issues
And no moral blues

I’ve wandered around towns
With games, evermore
Lost in battle mode
Given in to romance

But where is my penance
If I’ll admit to no wrong
Should I be seduced?
Should I be reduced?

Carry these words forth
To an unmanned army
Asleep in the woods
Listless and gay

For they shall know
In all of their wisdom
What then shall be done
And I shall be saved

An Adolescent Boy (day 75)

I’m totally cheating
And I’ve cheated before

I’ve cheated on food
I’ve cheated on shoes
I’ve cheated on rainbows
And I’ve cheated on you

I’ve cheated exams
I’ve cheated the government
I’ve cheated the church
I’ve cheated my parents

I think that I’m winning
I think that you’re blind
I think that I’ll go once more
Just to cheat once again!

An Un-Ending Walk (day 72)

I walk alone deep into the darkness
Wondering thoughts to fresh to come out
To sensitive to be asked
Can we witness an escape?
An alternate pleasure?

I know the answers, deep down inside
They caress my soul amongst wombats and wizards
But like the un-ending tunnel
I’m not sure which way is out
Have I gone on to far?

Deep Thinking (day 70)

Among the buzzards and bees
Flys swarm and stench radiates
This is death, raw and natural
Decaying corpse of blood soaked skin
And I face it, with unglazed eyes
Piercing it’s cold exterior
With reckless abandon
Ignoring the patient wolves
Hovering yonder
Waiting to enjoy their feast in peace
And I wonder…