Dreaming (day 89)

It was not only my favorite thing to do, but it was my favorite thing to be.

I layed there a while, asleep or half there. Only memories and influenced plans filled my head.

To my own peace, I planned civil engagements, gigantic feats, womanly admiration’s, and success beyond most noble players ever heard of.

I enjoyed this very much.

The Experiment (day 88)

A surreal, evolutionary complex grew among the convoluted masses. Growing in size (and of course stupidity) as they were herded into their lifeless phases of preconditioned and prescribed sociological experiments. Little did they know if they had just learned to tie their own shoes unconventionally everything would have turned out alright!

Struggling (day 86)

Struggling to stay awake
Struggling to keep focused
Struggling to stop remembering
Struggling to ignore nostalgia
Struggling to hold peace
Struggling to find motivation
Struggling to sit still
Struggling to create time
Struggling to be zen
Struggling to grasp topics
Struggling to be friendly
Struggling to breathe air
Struggling to stay cool
Struggling to avoid fears
Struggling to still believe
Struggling to remain alive
Struggling to show thanks
Struggling to initiate contact
Struggling to not resent
Struggling to think kindly
Struggling to eliminate indulgence
Struggling to always cry
Struggling to move body
Struggling to have fun
Struggling to harbor hope
Struggling to kiss you

The Answer Remains (day 84)

A rare bird
Just flew my way
She screamed my name
And excitement remains

A rare doll
Just winked at me
She seduced me easily
And excitement remains

A bronzed whistle
Just blew it’s lid
It curled my toes
And excitement remains

A sensual cat
Just romanced my night
It calmed my senses
And excitement remains

Excitement remains
There’s no drowning shame
I’m awake with demands
And excitement remains

Prison (day 83)

Time slips by unbeknownst to me
Regardless of the patience I give to thee
Bars fill up the bland landscape
Gray and capturing

Relentless I feel is my tight schedule
Pointless I feel is my constant turmoil
Sunlight visits me in sun dialed accuracy
Bright and blinding

Visitors few, ladies are never
Friends aren’t friends, just forced communication
Green grass escapes from the sand
Sparse and hopeless

I am a jailbird, guilty and charged
I have been guilty of abusing
Societies deepest friends
Dry and inconsolable

day 82 (day 82)

It started off slowly
Distracted to no end
But built up a thunder
With anticipation and mud
The phone rang but twice
The stove was on fire
The water was cold
And the fish were all hungry
The sun boiled down
Mirage on the streets
Yellow turned to red
And buzzards stalked the streets
My mind wasn’t focused
Tiny flies filled my sights
Controls and their dials
Wouldn’t agree with my suit
Complexion was spotless
Comb wasn’t needed
I rolled the logs
Bend the freight
Sold the sheep
Mended the holes
Sought the banker
Fed the anchor
Filled the tanker
Helped the old lady
Wrote down a list
Divided my time
Between comedies and romance
Settled the night
With a warm glass of wine
Blinds that shut
Doors that held out
The flies and the moths
Songs that turned slow
Volume kept moderate
Temperature slightly lowered
Eyes that began to glow
Lights began to fade
Time kept ticking
Drinks ran dry
Visitors dispersed
Alarm was set
Covers ruffled
Comfy spot found
Peace be with
A night all alone

Pilgrim (day 80)

Roaming the badlands for a wondrous find
Of golden parades, or simple disdain
Like a bad weather tragedy
Or a day that’s lasted too long
It’s a drought, holding back the tears
It’s a fight that’s punctured my ears

Cooly raising a rusty can into the air
Filled with spit of ten thousand years
Cornered like a rat scared by a straw broom
Fighting like a skunk, dirty’s the only way
But zen fills the room like an omnipresent colour
Inducing the pilgrims into a fury they’ve only remembered

Remembering a love for the open road
A love for the old willow tree
When wagons had wheels made of wood
The gun spoke the law, the buffalo roamed free
And the peace was the mind
As the tumbleweed spun webs
Roaming the badlands for a wondrous find