Compile Errors (day 187)

I see lines and lines
That spin real fast
They close they open
They slam on the brakes

The time it took
For this built code
Is far too long
And moving far too slow

Perhaps I’m inadequate
Perhaps my skill’s low
Perhaps it’s just hard
Complicated computations

I’ve tried very hard
I’ve not slept much at all
I’ve not seen the outdoors
It seems it’s years

So please, dear computer
Make my night tonight
Make me happy inside
With a compile to smile about

Lips (day 183)

Flapping the wheels go round and round
Waving the children; move right along
Lips they motion the absence of time
Lips they motion the absence of time

Wrap me in cashmere, watch it unwind
Peel it back slowly, wasting our time
Lips they crawl: searching, imploring
Lips they crawl: searching, imploring

Never mind what’s in the rhyme
Focus the grind on movement inside
Lips in the dark make movement less cautious
Lips in the dark make movement less cautious

Only today will bring us happiness
Forget tomorrow, I’ll follow you there
Lips remind me I’ve got no more searching
Lips remind me I’ve got no more searching

Flutter (day 182)

She lies motionless as I engrave her grace
Enchanted she is as animate as motionless
Yet somehow, without movement or flutter
She is everywhere inside of me
Raping, grasping, pulling, embracing
She motions me to open up
Allowed the emotions they flow together
Shut off, she lies there, a motionless circle
We always play the wrong things
We always love the wrong things

A Smaller Time, A Greater Mind (day 181)

Remind me soon of days long gone
A heavy tune, a raging song
Hockey skates and falling snow
Made up the nights as I would go

Remember when the goals were big
When laughing came so easily?
I’ve never lost those days of youth
But somethings gone, perhaps uncouth

I fear not, those dancing days
For I know the world in many ways
I’ve slept with saints
I’ve rebelled with sinners

But youth, it still, as time does pass
Reminds me of some greener grass
A teenage crush, a longing stare
Of now it seems I’ve more to care

Forget me not, my lovers stare
Remember the time we lost: were bare
Hold me now, and hold me tight
Today is good, I’ve got more fight

School (day 178)

Test after test
I am hit with defeat
Smacked in the face
Omnipresent beep

Retry and save
Wait and edit
Round and round
The circle we go

Fighting fears
Deadlines ahead
Fighting gears
Mind spinning instead

Longer hours means
No sleep tonight
More to do

I’m almost through