Moon at Midnight – Part XXXXII (day 2016)

(part XXXXI)

On the third day we left
As always, it was hard to leave Amy, Frank, and Clarinet
But it was necessary
For I could see that Moon Cow and Tall Pine
Were eager to return to the family
As was I
I missed Willow and Lily.

The first night we camped it was very cold
So cold, we woke up with a layer of frost on us
This made me a bit grumpy, and of course stiff
But soon we had a fire going
That slowly warmed our bones
We made some warm tea
And had some of Amy’s world famous jerky
She had so kindly given us,
Stuffed our pockets as we departed ways!

We walked all day
Expecting to either see our cache
Or hopefully another large animal
But neither we found
It was a bit unnerving because the land we were in
Didn’t remind me of the land that we had left the cache in
But Moon Cow and Tall Pine both said this is where we left it
So I trusted them, they had never been wrong with such things
It took us until noon the next day to find our cache
Which was exactly as it had been left.

Just as we were pulling it down
Tall Pine, who was off a little way scouting
Saw himself a deer
So as Moon Cow made a sled for us to carry our meat home
Tall Pine and I dressed his deer
This was going to be hard work
To pull the meat home
So I suggested that we might send one of us home
To get a horse
Moon Cow thought for a while
Pulled the sleigh a little while longer
And said: “You know, this isn’t such a horrible idea after all.”

We sent Tall Pine to run and fetch Moon Cow’s horse
Which he returned with by nightfall
We walked all the next day with the horse
And made it to the camp by nightfall
Just in time for some delicious soup
From Willow
She had received some fresh buffalo meat and
Saved it for us, for our return
As a treat for us
The perfect welcome back
From the woman who holds my heart.


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