Thanking The Season (day 1605)

Did you design the skies?
Did you place heaven floating
Amidst autumn leaves
And fleeting burning skies?
Did you button up cold birds
With warm woolly vests,
And marvelous plumage?
Did you gather piles of dead leaves
To spring board a crash landing?
Did you harvest pumpkins
Each of unique size and shape
To make my summer heart
Shift into darker hues of gold?
Well then, thank you.

20151013 - Fungii - Ned Tobin

Hearth (day 1603)

I am waiting for sunset,
For the sky to enliven
With one last hurrah
In a brilliant exposé
Of memories lingering
Upon baited tongues
That stopped,
As if frozen by a single call,
To gasp, to breathe deep,
To inhale and then
Sing as a dove does in flight
And then whisper
Like ignited fire
Deep within the hearth. 

Pendulum Whispers (day 1601)

Surely whispers slowly yell –
To build out the axis
Layered in love:
An uneven groundscape of
Imagination and patience,
And I am not alone.
No, I am the average
Of simple moving axis
Shifting at the speed of
Your roaming wheels,
And a leafy autumn
In the midday sun.
This is the whisper of
Slow motion in a pendulum.

Know Me (day 1600)

You don’t know me
You don’t know my pale blue eyes
Looking longer every day
Into this dusty mirror 
Decorated with tokens
Of some mysterious lust. 
You don’t know the color 
This silver makes at midnight
When I don’t know what I’m doing. 
You don’t know the whispers
I tell myself as I unlatch the front door
And check myself into society,
Knowing that two small words
Have the power to change it all. 
And I have three,
Just in case. 

Black (day 1599)

I remember your hair when it turned black. 
It reminded me of reflection off the lake
As night rolled in from daylight. 
I saw ravens circling around
And the nightlife lights shining neon
In a jet set latex of thrills.
It was 70s underground 
That had no part in funk. 
I remember how tight the black looked,
How sharp it felt and cleanly it cut. 
I could see space ships taking off
Into an outer limit that redefined blackness
With foreign substances like black holes and galaxies. 
But most of all, I remember how much life
Existed within those black walls,
How friends moored for comfort 
And looked for desire and found life
And how even your stare 
Was pure blackness through my eyes of sight. 
I remember your trance,
And how looking into it intrigued me so much,
That I knew of nothing else but the 
Strange affliction it had on my pulse. 
Today black is all I wear.
I cloth myself because I have become itself,
Lost in an experiment of dance,
Too foolish and too free yet
To back down and bow
Before the queen I know
The blackness you are. 
And I will rest here at your feet 
Awaiting the smoke to clear and 
Lift the sharpness licking my brain.