Ferry Loads (day 1515)

I was caught between a Ford F150 and an overloaded Subaru station wagon,
A family of 6 had stuffed her so tight their hands were all hanging out the windows,
Each with a cigarette loosely dangling there. 
I had packed modestly, as usual. 
My father had taught me years ago the beauty of a single pair of undies. 
My copilot was fanning herself with a rolled up magazine the terminal operator had casually offered her,
Nobody could think straight with such heat. 
The huge doberman hanging out in the back of the Ford had it’s tongue rolled out so far it seemed rather comedic to us, 
Poor dog was probably suffering back there. 
Waiting there was a bustle of excitement to and fro,
Like watching an ant hive;
Some things we just never understand,
Seemingly busyness of humans and ants for no particular reason identifiable. 
We waited thirty five minutes there and watched,
Every single one of us in that oversized parking lot,
As the ferry slowly pulled into its parking spot and unloaded a few hundred passengers,
Eagerly anticipating our own turn to single file our way into a large metal box, freshly whitewashed.

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