Snuffed out Heroes (day 747)

Today is a day of death and decay
A day for clouds to turn charcoal black
Formulating their madness into darker and darker circles
About my countenance as it sinks beneath consciousness
Downward into the madness you’ve created
With sweeping strokes in sharpened blades
Cutting down weak thoughts and planting black seeds
Heavy hands that compress all that floats
All that is magic and which once had life
Heavy hands that suppress the screams
Snuffing out the heroes in unsaintly martyrdom

Goodmorning, Mother Nature (day 745)

Your delicate drops
That drip about my window
Waking my slumber
Shaking my cobwebs
Keep rhythm for me

My heart finds
Its speed again
While curious crawls
Across steaming
Bits of wooden jungle

Sun beckons
Warming exposed skin
Like uncurling leaves
Surviving off stray beams

Feathered fellows
Sing one another
Delightful passages
Freshly reciting
For days full of life

And you say to me

Gradually Melting (day 743)

Peace has struck me down with thunderbolts
Rooted me into this earth I am present upon
Gradually melting my senses into one
Uplifting my soul, allowing it to speak
Earth and I become the same breath of life
Spread outward in sweeping omnipresent waves
Like sunshine feeding springtime
This is not motionless life
Bustling about in rhythmic substance
Carrying the tune of time about our backs
Lodged mysteriously between peace and perseverance
Crawling up walls to yell out at heights
Like sunshine feeding springtime
This is not motionless life

2013.05.09 - Prince George Spring (94 of 100)

Garden of Eden (day 742)

Float my soul into the Garden of Eden
Mingling with leaves and bountiful trees
Mocking birds perched upon low hanging branches
Romancing me, graceful as I go
Hovering about the top leaves, I
Choicest of fruits sit proud as I browse

Shifting my wind to float down to sin
Dangling my toes in the faces of maidens
Fair skinned maidens with light saris
Giggling at gurgling water flowing by
Lapping amongst their dangling limbs

They acknowledged me with eyes of fair maidens
Playful touching that aroused my desire
I put forth my thoughts to spellbound their minds
Crazy they gathered with worship and laughter
Sacrificed a lamb for love to come faster
Drums led the way into evenings warm prayer

I curled up my soul into a land finely woven
Light summer breeze blew hanging silk fabrics
Sweet Nag Champa floating through our essence
Turning us on our backs to gaze up in wonder
Moans and groans and giggling and laughter
Pillows upon pillows; pillows galore

Candles were lit as lips were nipped
Fruits from the garden, picked and dipped
Light finely wovens covering our perspiring bodies
Naked as the night stars shining upon us
In Garden of Eden and it’s ten thousand sins

Spilt Blood (day 741)

You had me in your charms before
When you desired me in your mouth
Locked me with your legs around
Between plans: a desired future

Swimming was I here
Ignoring sharks nibbling my toes
I tucked in the corners
Stuffed coffee with brown sugar

When the aphrodisiac kicked in
I was helpless to your gin – sin
Locked into waning hours in delight
That spilt my blood upon good hands

Then danced I to the sounds above
Culling my mind: ease into dinner
For racked I was in love and lust
Desperate to grow; forever to learn

So I yelled into a hallow bowl
Shed tears soiling silken scarves
Pulled my hair in ghastly chunks
Went to sleep in a bed of thorns – crowns

But now I cull the passing strangers
Purge them with eyes of daggers
Pour my soul into mason jars
Erase words before they’ve spoke

Colonel Frédéric Joseph Archilles Beautenieul (day 740)

Hello my brave and valiant soldiers
At attention here before me
It is my duty today
To inform you of the
Change in sentiment exhibited
By superiors
To declare peace with the world
[insert cheers here]
After 8 years of brave battles
Valiant feats in combat
Extraordinary efforts
And a death toll I dare not count
But may god speed each one of them
[moment of remembrance]
After two weeks of discussions
Behind closed doors
Between both sides of this war
The decision has been made to cease fire
And sort out our differences
With policy changes and peace
[insert cheers here]
This resolution is encouraging
For the future of mankind
With peaceful measures taken
And cooperation in this world
Though we are soldiers
Hardened through years of combat
We fight for peace
Not to smell more blood
[murmur of agreement]
We will remain engaged
At our current bases
Secured around this land
For precautionary measures
Set in place to demobilize the zones
Troops will be sent out
To deactivate bombs,
Warheads, missiles
Any explosives laid in the ground
In this land we’ve all come to know so well
We do not want to have these years of war
Pockmarking this land we’ve all come to know
With dangers and explosives
That can effect generations to come
This will be our main job now
Of which we will carry out
For a time of one year
Upon completion, the situation will be reevaluated
And if deemed appropriate
The orders will be given
To return to our homeland
Return to our families
And end bloodshed
[insert cheers here]
At ease soldiers
The war is over
[insert cheers here]

Colonel Frédéric can be purchased here.

Cobblestones and Peeking Moss (day 739)

A moment ago I thought you cared
As we walked on hand in hand
Through sleeping streets
That smiled at us
With empty garbage cans
And full mail boxes

I thought I saw a light in your eyes
A glint of truth that shone on me
I felt a squeeze betwixt your fingers
As we walked down a narrow lane
Cobblestones and peeking moss

We saw a dog in sleeping slumber
Stew about some newspaper litter
We saw a morning coffee drinker
Shivering against the air
We walked past parked sedans
Awaiting their daily deliveries
The painters van, carpenters truck
Covered with working days

Our favorite diner
Was still closed for repairs
But the café with our favorite soups
Was sweeping sleep out of its eyes
Brewing some morning fresh

Then you told me I love not
Last weekend would be our last
A new loft was yours alone
We shan’t be sharing the rent
I don’t remember walking the stairs
To the house we loved together
But words are words
And they’ve been spent
Now there is no more together

Try Again (day 738)

You cannot win every day you try
You cannot lose every day either
You cannot fly among the birds
Without walking among the worms

You cannot begin to know it all
You cannot learn without advice
You cannot grow without a breath
Of inward, deep, and conscious thought

You cannot smell the flowers in winter
You cannot speed the times of seasons
You cannot walk amongst the trees
Without a path to lead you forth

You cannot love without a love
You cannot hope without a dream
You cannot be without a seat
You cannot cry without a smile

But in the end it pulls us in
We wrap around and believe within
A lasting hug, some tea to share
You and me as we try again